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Slip Slot Slap

For years now Australians have been exposed to major marketing campaigns advising us to Slip Slop Slap to prevent skin cancer from sun damage.  The warnings have been extended to wearing long sleeved clothing, hats, staying in the shade and generally covering up to prevent sun exposure.

The result?  Children with Rickets.  Significant Vitamin D deficiencies.  And, more recently, research showing how these deficiencies affect our general health.

Interestingly enough, the rates of skin cancer aren’t declining.  Other factors affecting skin cancer such as exposure to fluorescent lighting and excess tissue acidity never seem to get a mention.  Have you ever wondered why it is that some people who work outdoors have healthier skin than those exposed to synthetic lighting?

Bottom line is – we NEED sun exposure.  SAFE sun exposure.  I am not suggesting you ditch the sunscreen.  However, I would recommend purchasing natural sun screen which does not contain any harmful chemicals and use this if you must be outdoors during times when the sun is strongest.  This will depend on where you are.  In Queensland, the sun is strong at 9am whereas in southern States, you may be safe until 10:30am – depending on the time of year.  Common sense should dictate times of exposure.

It is also important to expose young children to sun – early mornings and late afternoon – to provide essential Vitamin D without damaging their delicate skin.

If you would like to read more about the serious health conditions associated with lack of sun exposure, please read Dr Mercola’s report.