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The best treatment is Prevention

The Leading-Edge in Cancer Recovery Methods are your best Prevention

By: Nancy Callahan, B.Sc

Maybe it’s your time to take cancer prevention more seriously.  We keep reading anywhere from 50% to 65% or more of cancer is caused by ‘environmental factors’, depending on the organization reporting.  Leading experts claim it’s even higher.  Yet all too often there’s not enough information about what these factors are, and even less about what steps to take to do about it.

We can’t see all the fumigants used on most all produce, we can’t see the toxic metals, chemicals and radioactive elements in our dental materials, water and processed food, nor in our home and body care products  That’s an extremely short list, with pollutants of many kinds being only a part of the cancer complex.

Increasingly, specialists on the cutting-edge of alternative, natural cancer reversal are now reporting just what Dr. Clark told us for many years, and that is cancer’s main underlying cause results from an ‘overall lowered immunity’ due to an over-burden of toxins (chemicals, other pollutants and radioactive elements and pathogens (harmful parasites, virus, bacteria, fungus).  

After Ty Bollinger of embarked on a world-wide quest to interview dozens of the world’s top cancer docs, and created several documentaries featuring them, he summed it up in a recent newsletter: “95% of the Cause of Cancer is Parasites and Toxins, Period.”  

Cancer is a complex condition with other contributing factors, however, when toxin and pathogen elimination and detoxification are the main modalities many top docs focus on, as Dr. Clark did, are these same modalities our very best prevention? We are flooded with plenty of good, healthy dietary and lifestyle information and you may even know someone who practiced very healthy habits, yet got cancer.  Where’s the hope?  What is the answer? To get started on a real Cancer Prevention Plan, one must learn what the worst toxins and pathogens are and how to rid yourself of them, all by natural means.

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