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The big wet

Many you may have heard about or even been affected by the recent heavy rains.  My thoughts and best wishes go out to those caught in the midst of the floods.

The wet weather brings with it another threat – mould.  Moist air provides a breeding ground for mould and fungus, especially in rooms and places that are poorly ventilated – air conditioning units, carpets, curtains and other fabrics can harbour lots of mould. You may be surprised at how many health issues are related to fungal afflictions. Apart from the more common conditions such as fungal nails and asthma, eczema and psoriasis also flare up. Fungal infections can also exacerbate lymphodoema, chest infections, coughs, sinus infections, fatigue and behavioural problems, even arthritic pain.

Addressing environmental mould is essential – washing affected surfaces with a water + vinegar solution to remove the spores. Washing and completely drying carpets, rugs and all fabric in the room is essential. Have your airconditioners professionally cleaned as only the professionals can gain access into the inner parts of the units. Clean the filters regularly and wash with a solution of vinegar and lemon essential oil.

Once in the body, fungus must be eliminated in order to prevent serious health risks. If mild, a good Vitamin C product taken three times daily after meals may suffice. The Vitamin C should be alkaline – that is contain Sodium ascorbate, Calcium Ascorbate, Magnesium ascorbate and NOT just ascorbic acid – and include bioflavinoids such as rutin and hesperidin, some zinc citrate and perhaps Vitamins E and A. A powder is best as this can be dosed more accurately than a tablet.

Fungal infections can be treated very successfully – assessment is by live blood analysis. If you feel that fungus may be an issue, call Dagmar on 07 3287 3215 today.