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The gallbladder flush

For many years I have been procrastinating about doing a gallbladder flush.  The hesitation was mostly due to the thought of having to drink oil.  Then I found Dr Clark’s recipe and spent more years procrastinating until last weekend.

So why do a gallbladder flush at all? 

Dr Hulda Clark spent her life researching disease and causes.  Rather than repeat what is already written, you can read all about the gallbladder flush in greater detail.   

You should only undertake a gallbladder flush under the supervision of a qualified health practitioner.  There is always a concern that large gall stones may become lodged in the bile ducts and require emergency attention.  Have your liver/gall bladder assessed and, should there be any larger stones present, I strongly advise deferring the flush until you have followed a strict protocol to soften/break up larger stones.  Also, never do the flush on your own – make sure there is an adult with you.

My version

What I would like to share with you is my experience of finally doing the flush.  While I followed Dr Clark’s protocol, I made a few minor changes.  Because I recommend only doing the flush  under the supervision of a qualified health practitioner, you will be able to obtain the better quality magnesium (as opposed to using Epsom Salts), the ornithine, anti-parasitic tonics and even high grade oils. 

Preparation and “The Flush”

I chose to incorporate two fruit-only days prior to the actual flush day, eating only apples on one day, then watermelon for the next day and morning of the flush.  Did I feel hungry?  Yes!  However, it was not difficult as I love fruit.

As the time drew closer to actually mix the oil with the grapefruit juice, I started to question whether I could actually go ahead with it.  Having just spent two and a half days in preparation, however, I was not about to abandon all that commitment.  I put the oil into a glass drinking bottle, added the freshly juiced grapefruit, lemon and lime and shook it all up.  Hesitantly taking the first sip, I was surprised at how pleasant the mix actually tasted.  I managed to pretty much skull the mixture, brush my teeth quickly and got into bed. 

It was so easy!  Why had I waited so long?  Lying there in bed, I began to imagine what was going on in my gall bladder – how the bile was beginning to flow, moving along any sludge, gravel and perhaps even stones.  Was I feeling some warmth and movement or was this just my imagination?  I lay still for the mandatory 20 minutes, them lowered the pillow and enjoyed a good night’s sleep.

The morning after

I woke early.  Felt nothing untoward, no discomfort.  At 6am I had another glass of magnesium and went back to bed.  When I finally got up, I made myself some more fresh grapefruit and lemon juice.  By mid morning I felt quite hungry so missed the recommended fruit and had a more substantial meal of mixed green salad and steamed organic chicken breast.  I was quite surprised to find that my energy levels were excellent and sustained throughout the day (and since). 

What did I pass?

I must admit slight disappointment on this front as I could only find some small flecks of what could be termed as gravel.  However, I intend to repeat the flush in about six weeks.  While I really had no health concerns, I do suffer from chronically tight shoulder muscles.  These have definitely relaxed with the tissue much more fluid.

Speak to your health practitioner.  If you get the all clear, go ahead and do the flush.  It really is easy and the benefits to your digestive system can be significant.