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The Pill – are you sure it’s for you?

The PillThe Oral Contraceptive Pill or OCP has changed many women’s lives but is this for the better? Other contraceptive hormone treatments include injections and implants. Ultimately, these all have the same effect on the body – synthetic hormones trick a woman’s body into thinking it is pregnant. If you take the OCP or use any of its ‘relatives’, the book The Pill – Are you sure it’s for you? by Jane Bennett & Alexandra Pope is a MUST read.
The book is easy to read and presents real women’s stories and carefully researched information to enable every woman to make an informed decision about managing her own fertility.
The book also explains how the OCP disturbs nutrition – blocking some vitamins while allowing others to build up in the body; causing mineral imbalances which impact every function within the body; OCP involvement in blood clot formation, heart disease, mood disorders, sleep disturbances, hair loss and more.