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Would you like some chlorine with that?

The name should give it away:  artificial sweetener.  I write a lot about consuming foods in their most natural state.

This post has been prompted by the recent increase in television advertising for a certain artificial sweetener – which sounds quite Splendid.  The ads explain that the product is derived from sugar but isn’t sugar – ha, that should give it away.  It has been processed and is ARTIFICIAL.  But, wait, there’s more!  In order to make this highly processed substance taste sweet, the manufacturers have bound it with a chlorine molecule.  Yes, chlorine!  One of the most toxic substances for the human body.  Oh yes, they argue the quantities are minute.  Fine, if you only have a little amount once.  But what about the regular consumers – in tea, coffee, baking and on cereal.  Those minute amounts add up – fast!

Furthermore, the artificial sweeteners actually heighten our body’s cravings for sweet foods and carbohydrates increasing appetite and weight gain.

If you must drink coffee and tea, drink it without sweetener.  If you like your drinks sweet, use raw sugar and decrease the amount of sugar you use gradually until you no longer need the sweet ‘hit’.  Likewise in cooking and baking – try reducing the quantity of sugar suggested by the recipe.  It works.  You can reduce added sugar by up to 70% and still have delicious home baking.

As far as putting sugar on cereal – well, suffice to say that I just do not recommend ANY packaged cereals.  Read more

If you are diabetic, the same principle applies – don’t use artificial sweeteners.  They are not doing your body any favour.

Natural is always best.