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Zinc, Copper and Testosterone

ist1_9543807-with-daddy-baby-boyThe minerals zinc and copper influence testosterone synthesis.  Zinc is necessary for synthesis while copper can antagonise zinc, and as a result, impact testosterone levels.  Researchers have studied the association between the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) mineral concentrations of zinc and copper and serum testosterone levels in men.  The study included 88 men in a clinic of family medicine at a university hospital.  Serum total testosterone was measured in the morning along with hair sample collection.  Findings reported that individuals with normal serum testosterone levels had a significantly higher HTMA zinc level compared to the low testosterone group.  Also, the study concluded that decreased testosterone was associated with a significant reduction of the zinc to copper ratio in hair samples.

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Source:  Chang, CS, et al. Correlation between serum testosterone level and concentrations of copper and zinc in hair tissue. Biol. Trac. Elem. Res. 144, 2011