How it all began

The history of healing using frequencies dates back to the 1780’s when Samuel Hahnemann worked out that balancing energy in the body could heal disease.  Following the Civil War in 1865, 80% of illnesses were cured in the homeopathic hospitals in Europe compared to only 20% cure rate in allopathic hospitals.

Augustus Pleasanton in 1876 identified how the frequencies of colour impacted positively on plants, animals and humans curing diseases and increasing fertility rates.

Edwin Babbit, 1878, continued the work into light, colour, frequencies and potentising water linking colour/frequency and minerals.

In 1919, Walter Russell continued the works of Tesla into healing frequencies which continued with huge success in the 1930’s by Royal Rife who confirmed earlier research that out body’s pH determines health.  Royal Rife also developed the first frequency generator which was able to harmonise cellular structure and thereby eliminate disease and illness.

Harold Saxton Burr also identified how current could influence cells contributing to electrical detection of cancer and other diseased cells in the human body.

Otto Warburg, 1967, identified voltage fluctuations in conditions such as fatigue, chronic illness and cancer forming the foundation of biofeedback technology.

In 1975 Jo Scogna Jr took frequencies one step further in identifying certain positions on the human cranium to measure temperature fluctuations and thereby measuring a person’s health status.

In 1980, Bjorn Nordenstrom discovered that by putting an electrode inside a tumour and running a current through that electrode, he could dissolve the tumour.

Frequencies have been administered throughout history taking the form of light, colour, essential oils and electrical energies.  The methodology remains consistent:  balance the frequency of a cell and you can heal that cell.

On the flipside of all this research is the negative effect that our modern environment has on our body.  We are constantly exposed to power lines, wireless transmission, microwaves, phone towers and electromagnetic devices all of which disrupt our body’s natural energy flow.

Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) affect our bodies in a variety of ways.  The Dulwich Health Society study of 25,000 people identified the following in people who were exposed to high EMF:

  • 100% of people who had secondary cancer
  • 95% of people who had cancer
  • 95% of children who were identified with hyperactivity or other behavioural disorders
  • 80% of perpetrators of domestic violence
  • 80% of divorces
  • 80% of men and women with fertility problems 
  • 70% of post viral fatigue sufferers
  • 70% of people with food or drink allergies

If you hare in doubt about the effects of WiFi, consider the recent high school experiment that showed the opposite of what all the scientists have said about Wi-Fi. They took 400 cress seeds and placed them in 12 trays. Then, they placed 6 trays each in 2 rooms at the same temperature. They gave the same amount of water and sun to all the trays for 12 days. However, 6 of the trays were put next to two [Wi-Fi] routers. Such routers broadcast the same type of radiation as an ordinary mobile phone. After 12 days, the result was clear: the cress seeds next to the router did not grow, and some of them were even mutated or dead.

So if you have WiFi in your home, remember to TURN IT OF when it is not in use and always turn it off at night.

Frequencies can make us sick but frequencies can also help us heal.