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Caring for infant teeth

Please take the time to follow the link and listen to Dr Bill Osmunson, a practising dentist for for 33 years.

The above link further discusses the importance of infant dental hygiene.

Watch an interview with Dr Bill Kellner-Read, leading Australian dentist and author of several books which link oral health to overall body health.


It is never too early to start brushing your child’s teeth – start with the first teeth that break through.  This promotes good habits for later in life.  Make sure you use a soft toothbrush and a natural toothpaste, free from SLS and fluoride as your infant may not be able to rinse and spit out properly.  As your child grows encourage him/her to brush teeth after every meal.  When this is not possible, teach them to rinse their mouth with water well after eating or drinking anything sweet.

Do not use fluoridated water to prepare baby formulas.  If your local council adds fluoride to the town water supply, invest in a good filter to remove the chlorine and fluoride from all drinking and bath/shower water.

Have regular dental checks to further encourage good oral hygiene and to prevent ‘fear’ of the dentist.  Should a filling be necessary, remember to ask for ‘white’ rather than ‘silver’ fillings.  Despite what some dentists still maintain, amalgam fillings contain mercury which is highly toxic to the body.