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Conversations with my Daughter:  How to have a Healthy Baby

Available from True Medicine, online bookstores and on Amazon in both paperback and e-Book formats. Please leave a review when purchasing on Amazon.

Literary Titan  “…solution for women worldwide to raise healthy babies.”   

Winner of Literary Titan Book Award

Listen to podcast  – Longevity starts at conception How you can prepare for fertility and help your child live well longer.

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Order your paperback copy here or read a short introduction about how this book can turn your baby dream into a reality. A book that connects the dots between infertility, conception and a healthy baby, with environment, lifestyle and genetics.

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Sleep and your microbiome

Sleep remains an underestimated component of health, and the gut microbiome may be a significant influence. Connections exist between the GI microbiome and sleep physiology. The Gut Brain Axis, variations in the light/dark cycle, inflammation, as well as microbiome abundance and diversity may elucidate factors linking the gut microbiome and sleep physiology. Addressing the Gut

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