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Literary Titan: …a well-researched and deeply impactful book with key medical advice that will lead you and your children on a healthier path.”

“Conversations With My Daughter: How to Have a Healthy Baby is Dagmar Ganser’s solution for women worldwide to raise healthy babies. Based on extensive research and lived experiences, Ganser collects the most significant elements that’ll aid women, alongside their partners, in adopting an all-around healthy lifestyle that, by default, will blend into their own children, creating a purposeful, positive impact.

Filled with details, the book is divided into chapters to guide women through the many steps that should be taken to guarantee a healthier life for their children. Each chapter covers a particular topic following the timeline of pregnancy: from conception until childbirth and even sometime after that. The book’s structure makes it perfect to follow through the whole child-bearing journey. The first step towards developing a healthier life with healthier children starts with being aware and attentive to the problems: your own actions could be the main ones needed to guarantee their health.

Readers will find the main theme quite a compelling one. Each point the author exposes is backed up by evidence, adding weight to the warnings provided. In the book, readers are shown how to recognize the way in which our modern lifestyles directly and unsuspectedly impact our health. Because of this, particular attention is given to what we eat, breathe, and surround ourselves with. Every toxic particle in our immediate environment will have the potential of not only affecting us. Still, it can also be transferred to our future offspring, negatively affecting their physical and mental health. Even though at first all of the modern problems exposed will seem overwhelming, by the end, each chapter will have fully wrapped up possible and feasible solutions to deal with them. The only thing necessary will be cultivating a strong will to remain on the path toward a healthy lifestyle.

Conversations With My Daughter: How to Have a Healthy Baby is a well-researched and deeply impactful book with key medical advice that will lead you and your children on a healthier path. Even though the book mainly focuses on women, current mothers, and mothers-to-be, anyone can find useful tips in it, given that the overall solution for nurturing healthy babies comes first by having a healthy life.”

“Conversations with my Daughter: How to Have a Healthy Baby by Dagmar Ganser is a thoroughly researched and compassionate guide that addresses the multifaceted aspects of infertility.

Dagmar empowers readers to approach their fertility journey holistically with practical advice, offering knowledge as a beacon of hope.  Her ability to breakdown the medical jargon and to make it easier for people to understand it, is invaluable.

The author’s dedication to recognise the physical and mental aspects of infertility makes this book unique and a valuable resource for all individuals and couples facing challenges on their journey to parenthood.

I would encourage my colleagues to have a copy of this book on hand to assist when discussing the complexities of infertility.  I would also recommend it to patients that may struggle in this aspect of their lives.” – Dr Kevin Naicker, BSc. MBChB. FRACGP. Dip.OH&S

What an amazing well documented book for anyone wanting to produce a very healthy baby.  Every young person & their partner is lucky to have this book as a reference – there definitely was no such thing in my day (Dr Spok!!) 

Maybe every church, celebrant, medical clinic, women’s health clinic should be recommending this book as a must have ‘Healthy Baby Manual’.

Perhaps it could be part of the curriculum for year 7.   Students are taught how to avoid getting pregnant  & much other negative stuff – why not be taught how to produce healthy children! It should be shouted from the hills. The government & insurance companies should get behind this – do we want a healthy Nation? LG Gold Coast

Reader reviews: includes verified Amazon readers

Absolute best book if you are having a baby. Amazing information in this book that is vital to know even before trying to have a baby. I’m an Osteopath and I am encouraging any patient to read this book before even trying to fall pregnant and especially when pregnant. It covers everything for men and women! Beautiful book. Dr Lyndal. Nov 2023

A roadmap to have a healthy baby. This book is perfect for couple preparing to be parents, but can also be read by everyone as it contains a lot of facts that we can benefit in the future.
I was surprised that not only women plays a significant role in the process but also men, and yes as the author has mentioned “not in just physical sense”.
A lot of things take place just to ensure a healthy baby, so we better start reevaluate our choices.
Prevention is always better than cure, so it is highly suggested that we take importance in taking care of our health, eating the right nutrients and good lifestyle. This book offers a valuable help related to infertility issues and other relevant concerns that can affect the health of the baby. Mika. Nov 2023

Good Book. Where was this book when I needed it? As a parent, or future-parent, you want to give the best chance of a healthy life to your new arrival. This practical guide to information breaks down everything from pre-conception to pre-natal health to post-partum issues. The author, Dagmar Ganser, provides an easy to understand look into many of the factors that lead to illness, and where they begin. By understanding how the body works, parents are able to take care of themselves, and in turn, take care of their children more efficiently. It’s simple really; the more you know about what makes you healthy or unwell, the more success your conception and pregnancy will be, which results in a healthy child. “How to Have a Healthy Baby: Conversations With My Daughter” is an informative read that could be very beneficial for those who want to start to have children and for those raising children alike. Anna. October 2023

Really helpful parent prep. An excellent guide to help you prepare for parenting in a variety of aspects. Really a helpful tool that will bring you both guidance and specific action items you can take to make your own life easier. I absolutely recommend! Louise. October 2023

Starts With The Parents Reading this book made me realize that this is much more than just about what to do have a healthy baby. It discuss what the mother and father have to do with their health. I like how it explains what foods to eat, what foods to avoid, what habits to break, etc. It about what to do before and after you have a baby. Veronica. October 2023

How to promote an optimum pregnancy This is a great guide for moms and dads to make the important, long-lasting changes necessary to have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. Some common causes of unhealthy babies and even unhealthy pregnancies could include stress, toxicity, and malnutrition. Dagmar Ganser discusses making shifts in diet and lifestyle in order to positively influence the health of our child/children. The most important thing is being prepared well before you become pregnant and even plan to have a family. The connection between parental and child health cannot be understated. This book is full of helpful information if you are even considering having a family. I learned a lot. Sachi. October 2023

How to Have a Healthy Baby “An essential read for prospective parents! This book offers invaluable insights into ensuring your child’s health from conception. Presented clearly and backed by science, it’s a wake-up call on the overlooked factors affecting our children’s well-being. Highly recommended.” Terry. October 2023

Great for aspiring parents A nice narrative from mother to daughter on how to have a healthy baby, that also has application for fathers-to-be. This book has a nice holistic approach to being healthy, going beyond diet, sleep and exercise to include mental health and healthy expectations. JesseK.  October 2023

All Hopeful Parents-To-Be Should Read This Book – An Incredible Guide! Dagmar Ganser, an accredited practitioner of Australian Traditional Medicine Society, created a marvelous book on all the ins and outs of being a parent, trying to conceive to become a parent, and holds so much knowledge for any aspiring parents. Being a parent can be scary by itself, but with the rise of infertility and childhood illnesses, it’s even scarier. This author walks you through everything with a gentle hand, from actions you can take pre-conception to have a healthy pregnancy to actions you can take once your child is out in the world to ensure they’re healthy and happy. This book is the ultimate guide, even making sure to give advice on how we, as adults, can improve our health to better our chances of having children. The chats between the author and her daughter were an incredible addition to this book; you almost felt like you were in the room with them while having these chats. I really recommend any hopeful parents-to-be read this book; it’s an amazing and helpful guide into something that can be quite beautiful but overwhelming at times. Mariah. October 2023

Game-changer! As a new dad, this book was a game-changer for me and my partner. It’s not just another baby book; it dives deep into how to have a healthy baby right from conception. The author, Dagmar Ganser, uses easy-to-understand language and provides practical tips that we could actually use. It helped us understand the importance of both parents’ health in having a healthy baby. The book is well-researched and even tackles fertility issues, which is a big concern for many couples. It’s a must-read for anyone planning to start a family. Michael. October 2023

Lovely Wow! I felt that I sitting in on these super personal chats between her and her daughter about everything baby, starting right from the bump. She’s all about that natural, mindful living, which I especially admire. The way she shares her own stories makes this book feel like getting advice from a wise friend who’s been there, done that. I kinda wish I had this sort of guide when I was waddling around pregnant with my first, lol. October 2023

It’s a choice to have a healthy babyA comprehensive and straight shooting guide for those who have made the choice to have a healthy baby. I love the sense of responsibility that Dagmar gives the reader backed up with thorough scientific references, first hand examples and how to’s for both parents. The Appendices also provide a quick refresh reference on nutrition and laboratory tests. A shining light of hope for our next generation is given in this book. Thank you Dagmar for sharing your magic. JH Reviewed in Australia on 7 October 2023

Priceless Information for Hopeful Parents-to-Be  In her informative book, accredited health practitioner Dagmar Ganser empowers prospective parents with the knowledge needed to conceive and deliver a healthy child. This book provides easy-to-understand explanations about all the factors that contribute to a baby’s wellbeing – from preconception health to the birthing process itself. Ganser delves into often overlooked topics like environmental toxins, nutrition, and stress reduction while offering practical lifestyle advice expectant mothers and fathers can start applying immediately. Though the subject matter is medically dense, Ganser’s conversational tone makes the content feel accessible rather than overwhelming. Any couple looking to stack the odds in their favor when it comes to having a happy, healthy baby will find this book an invaluable resource. By demystifying reproductive health, Ganser gives parents the confidence to make choices that positively impact not just their future children but generations to come.  October 2023

Great read: How to Have a Healthy Baby: Conversations With My Daughter is a great book to have if you are considering having a child. With the rise of infertility, there are so many questions. This book guides parents before conception on how to achieve a healthy pregnancy, and after as well to ensure optimal health for your child. This book takes a look at a lot of contributing factors for health for both men and women and how to improve not only your health but the health of your children. There’s a ton of detail here and a wealth of information to dive into. This is an easy yet substantive read and one that it is highly recommended. V.E.  September 2023

Great read if you feel uncertain about this topic:
 Parenting on its on can be so daunting, and I can only imagine the struggles parents go through with healthy kids; worrying about their health must be extremely stressful. In a world where the rates of infertility and childhood illnesses are escalating, this enlightening book unravels the complexities behind these challenges. It does a great job in offering a clear understanding of the factors contributing to illness. A definitive must-read if you are a prospective parent, it guides both men and women to take charge of their health, ensuring a healthier start for the next generation.

This insightful read doesn’t just highlight the problem; it equips readers with the knowledge to interrupt the cycle of illness from the very beginning. With a focus on understanding one’s body and its impact on future generations, it transforms the overwhelming into the empowering. A roadmap to healthier births and robust lives, How To Have a Healthy Baby is a revelation that demands attention in an era where the health of our children hangs in the balance, and makes you not only wish but demand a healthier future for our kids. Andrea. October 2023

Vital for Future Parents: This book is an eye-opener. Health issues are on the rise, especially in the younger generation, and many of us wonder why without doing the research to find an answer.
Ganser did the research for us. This book dives into why kids are facing more health challenges than ever, and the things that we can control to help prevent or lessen the risk of our children developing them.
It’s not your typical health read either. It’s easy-to-grasp and a deep exploration of the many factors affecting not only the children, but the infertility struggles as well. This is perfect for expecting parents, conceiving parents, and even people who aren’t parents but want to aid in a friend or family member’s journey to creating new life.
I loved reading about the things in our bodies that can be passed down to our children, and how many things are actually in our control to change and aid the risks.
Like the blurb mentioned, it left me wondering why we don’t talk about these things, and why topics surrounding inferitlity or pregnancy are often seen as taboo or a place you don’t go. I feel it’s a topic that needs more conversation now than ever.
Wonderful book for all who are wanting, expecting, or just knowing parents. Hannah. October 2023

Prepare Yourself Before Preparing For The Baby: I believe that the parents’ health is a contributing factor in the total health of a baby even before its conception and more so during conception, barring other unforeseen circumstances and factors. And so, I gladly purchased this book as a requested gift for a young newly-wed nephew who is doing his best to be consciously responsible about having children and eagerly equipping himself with knowledge and skills. Doing so, empowers a future father, who will be more confident and just less anxious, because true enough, becoming a new parent does cause a lot of jitters. This book written by Dagmar Ganser, an accredited traditional medicine practitioner, is a very useful guide among the recently published books on babies. Having raised children myself, I should say that taking my health seriously was also meant for my children’s sake. I was quite fortunate that prevention did the work most times as the cure, but the work needed to be done first. The healthier my children were, the less hospital visits were made and there was less use of antibiotics and other medicines. It is true that rather than be overwhelmed about the whole concept, one must feel empowered, conquer the fears and the unknown, by educating oneself. When a parent sees that the child is healthy, then it’s one of the best things to be truly grateful for. What I immediately appreciated about this book is that in Section 1 Preparation, the first chapter began with “Let’s Begin With Men”, because I believe that is very valuable. It took a really long time for society to catch up and give just as full responsibility to men and that having a child and parenting does not fall on just the woman’s shoulders or life. The other topics that I liked in this book were on environmental toxins, B vitamins, epigenetics, gut health, emotional foundations, oxidative stress, preventative medicine, and, an appendix on labs and test guide. This book is concise and is easy to read. Although the subject is extremely important and a serious one, it does not overwhelm the reader. It is easy to digest and is very handy guide. This book covers just about everything, with a wealth of knowledge and information shared, and Section 1 is my favorite. Because, books about conception and birth abound everywhere, while there isn’t as much about the preparation stage. What I also liked best is that these information are evidence-based and show that these are achievable. I recommend this book just as I strongly advise any parent-to-be that preparing oneself, preparing that stage, more than preparing all the baby stuffs or the room, is the best thing one can do to begin the journey of parenting.  Philomena D. October 2023

It’s a nice read. Simple for clients to action the amazing info, Peter Mejia, Acupuncturist – Reviewed 26 August 2023

I feel this book will help lots of couples. I took special note that you included men as well. Very informative in all areas, especially preconception. I congratulate you on your great effort. Don Morrison, Natural and Environmental Health – Reviewed 27 August 2023

Anyone who wants a healthy baby should read this bookI am the mother of three grown sons and we are thankful that all three were born healthy. I am convinced that this is not a matter of course. The book by Dagmar Ganser describes in vivid and good explanations what men and women can do to have healthy children. When you read it, you can feel the passion and experience with which this book was written. I bought the book for my boys and daughters-in-law 🙂  Marion H. Reviewed in Germany on 6 July 2023

A must read if you want to have a healthy baby:  I’m the daughter with whom Dagmar (the author of this book) had conversations with. I’m thrilled that her immense knowledge and wisdom has been collated and is now available inside the pages of this book. Mum helped my husband and I to have a healthy baby. And has helped many more families realise their healthy baby dream during her 20 plus years in clinic. The information Dagmar shares in her book is wise, approachable, comprehensive and evidence-based. She’s included checklists, summaries and links to make it super easy for you to implement and follow. I’m beyond proud and so glad daughters everywhere get to learn from my mum—she’s amazing! You’ll love this book and it will set you up to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Bianka B. Reviewed in Australia on 25 July 2023