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Hope Island, QLD, Australia



Preferred Practitioners


ion osteopaths & well child centre (07) 5527 3171

Chirn Park Health Group 07 5679 1362

Active Health Group 07 5580 6075

Natural Therapies Clinics:

Naturopath/Homeopath           Narelle Beynon – 0400 329 753

Acupuncturist                           Linda Tedd – 0402 076 237

Reflexologist                            Sally Glenister – 0438 735 908

Vibrational medicine        

Kinesiology & N.O.T.                
Dr Linda Hanson 07 3281 2747 specialises in Thyroid health.

Massage & N.O.T.                    Melissa Moody0409 766 092

Mental Health                          Jade Williamson 0477 650 000        

Dentist                                     Hope Island Dental Care, 07 5530 1044    

Organic and chemical-free produce

You are what you eat!  It is particularly important to avoid eating foods that are genetically modified, contaminated with chemicals (herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics etc) or fed with genetically modified grains.  That is why I strongly recommend eating only organic, grass-fed meat and chicken and organic free-range eggs.  Have organic foods delivered through

If you are interested in learning more about Chemical-Free living, this website may be of interest to you: 

Look for local Farmers’ Markets and speak to the stall holders regarding sprays and fertilizers used.

Water – essential to life     

The importance of water cannot be stressed enough.  Be sure that you are drinking quality pure water.  There are a few waters which I have tested and found to be free of heavy metals and of a suitable pH.  With the myriad of companies offering water filters, it may seem an insurmountable task to actually source a quality product that suits your needs.  Here are a few companies that are reputable and know their trade.  There are differences in water quality depending on your local Council’s treatment and the chemicals that are added to the water to reduce bacteria and microbial content.  Unfortunately, many of these chemicals remain in the water making it unsuitable for human consumption.  Chemicals include chlorine, trihalomethanes, fluoride, aluminium, copper and, in the near future, also ammonia. 

BioPure also offers a large range of water filters and filtering options – from small portable ones to whole-of-house systems. 

tel  07 5532 3646

fax  07 5532 7181

Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) are causing increasing havoc with our health, especially with those with existing health concerns.  Fortunately, there are ways to help protect you and your family.

Life Energy Solutions in New Zealand offers a variety of options.

Summer Land Camel farm – a great place to visit and experience the beautiful country that is Queensland’s Scenic Rim.  Learn about the benefits of camels – both for our country and our body.  

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