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Genetic Individuality

Since the mapping of the human genome was completed in 2003, our understanding of how nutrients and other food-derived molecules impact cell function has expanded exponentially.  It became apparent that there was another layer of complexity:  the Epigenome, which provides a form of modifiable chemical code within the cell’s genetic material.  Epigenetics is a ‘sister’ discipline to Nutrigenomics, the principles of which strongly underpin our approach to prevention and treatment of disease.

The word nutrigenomics means “food talking to your genes”.  Every mouthful of food we consume initiates a complex ‘conversation’ with the DNA of our cells – conversations which determine whether the protective or disease-promoting cellular “switches” are activated. Good food and lifestyle choices send ‘healthy’ messages to your genes, and poor choices can damage the DNA in our genes resulting in disease.

Nutrigenomics is firmly anchored in modern science, yet is simple enough that we can all take advantage of its principles.  Although it sits on a foundation of Nutrition Science, the real power of nutrigenomics lies in the identification and application of powerful food-derived biomolecules capable of ‘switching on’ certain genes associated with cellular health.

At True Medicine we offer the scientifically validated treatment guidelines of the G.E.M.M. protocol, developed by Dr Christine Houghton:

Over the last half century nutritional medicine has contributed enormously to our understanding of why we get sick.  Equally, it has provided us with strategies to prevent disease and promote a state of wellness, without primary reliance on drugs and surgery.”  Taking this knowledge to a new and higher level of understanding was the inspiration for Dr Houghton’s G.E.M.M. protocol.

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