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The Power of Essential Oils

WhenAromatherapy confronted with health concerns, we tend to forget the simpler remedies.  Over the past  years I have had the pleasure of helping many couples achieve the dream of becoming parents.  An integral part of the treatment has been special blends of pure essential oils.  Many women suffer significant and long time side effects after taking the Oral Contraceptive Pill or similar hormone-based contraception.  This includes lengthy delayed onset of a natural cycle.  Essential oils are gentle and have assisted many women in regaining a regular fertile cycle.

Aromatherapy is also beneficial for mental health.  According to the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (Volume 15, Number 2, 2009, pp 187-195), aromatherapy treatment is recommended as a complementary and alternative therapy for patients with depression.

The emotional categories which were shown to benefit included:

  • tension – anxiety
  • depression – dejection
  • anger – hostility
  • vigour
  • fatigue
  • confusion

Certain essential oils were identified as having a similar effect to SSRIs, and GABA agonists such as diazepam.

It is pleasing to see that scientific research is finally validating this ancient form of healing.

Complementary therapies DO NOT replace the need for a qualified medical diagnosis – so if you or anyone you know feels that they may be suffering from depression, please see your doctor.

Aromatherapy should only be administered or recommended by a qualified therapist not via Multi-Level-Marketing sales.

History of Aromatherapy

The application of essential oils or aromatherapy in healing has been documented in the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt and is also referred to in the Holy Bible. However, it was not until 1910 that a laboratory accident led René-Maurice Gattefossé to ‘rediscover’ the powerful healing properties of essential oils. Since publishing his findings in 1937, much research and many clinical tests have been carried out and documented to validate the amazing healing properties of pure essential oils.

Note: when talking about essential oils, I am referring to the pure products only. Also, it should be noted that the term “aromatherapy” is all too often applied commercially to products to give them the appearance of being natural and therapeutic. True aromatherapy uses pure essential oils administered by a qualified practitioner.

Essential Oils and a Healthy Body

Every living cell requires oxygen. The effects of environmental contamination on our bodies lead to oxygen deprivation causing our cells to malfunction. This contamination enters our body through the air we breathe, the water we drink, the foods we eat and the products we put on our skin.

One of the effects of oxygen deficiency in cells is the thickening of the cell membrane. This not only prevents nutrients from entering the cell but leads to retention of waste products within the cell. The result is cells that are no longer able to function properly, cells may decompose, changes may occur in the DNA structure, and heightened susceptibility to viral and microbial attack results.

Essential oils, due to their structure, will literally push chemicals and metal out of our cells – how? They have the highest level of oxygenating activity of any substance known to man and oxygen pushes toxins out of the cell – essential oils will re-establish normal cell function and balance.

In addition to the oxygenating properties of essential oils, they are also highly anti-viral, antimicrobial and anti-oxidant. Studies at Cairo University Research Department, Dr Robin S. Ferag, have documented the antimicrobial and anti-oxidant properties of essential oils. Further research in Cairo is looking into the relationship between essential oils and a possible cure for specific diseases.

Scientists are busy developing new drugs however every time a new drug is developed, bacteria and viruses mutate developing immunity to antibiotics. To date not one virus has been found that has created an immunity against an essential oil.

There is another factor involved in the efficient functioning of our bodies. That factor is frequency. Every organ and cell in our body resonates at a certain frequency measured Herz (hz). So too with essential oils which range from 52 to 320 hz.  The effect of ingested substances on our frequencies can be measured and tests have shown that coffee significantly lowers our body frequency. Depending on the situation, inhaling essential oils may be sufficient in re-establishing correct body frequency.

It is interesting to note that doctors in England and Europe prescribe the use of essential oils in hospitals to treat such conditions as respiratory ailments, liver insufficiency, digestive insufficiency, insomnia, thrombosis, and more. Lemon oil, due to its anti-infectious, streptococci, antiseptic, bacterial and anti-viral properties is used as a hospital disinfectant in place of the more commonly used chemicals.

Warwick University, England uses lavender oil for the treatment of burns, scalds, inflammation, dermatitis, eczema, arthritis, and even headaches.

Essential oils are also being used successfully as a natural hormone replacement, balancing hormones to alleviate PMS and PMT disorders, and to assist in conception.  Other areas where essential oils have been clinically trialled with great success include:

  • post herpes neuralgic pain (as in shingles)
  • reducing post operative pain
  • improving memory
  • increasing cellular antioxidant status
  • reducing biofilm production

Essential oils, like other natural remedies, must be administered by a qualified practitioner.  In the first instance, purity is essential.  Also, no treatment should ever be undertaken without a prior full health analysis.  And finally, please DO NOT self prescribe with essential oils.   Essentials oils should not be ingested.  Always consult a qualified aromatherapist before using essential oils.

aromatherapyAromatherapy may be  :                                                    

            • used in oil during a massage
            • applied topically
            • used as a bath oil
            • diffused in an oil burner
            • spray atomiser
            • in body care products

Aromatherapy is wonderful for babies.

Ask about our special blends suitable for use in an oil burner, diffuser or spray atomiser – for the office, schools, home and study use.  Speak to us about getting your special blend of essential oils – call True Medicine on 0468 774 633.