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Women’s Health

Women of all ages are affected by hormones – whether it be during puberty, their ‘fertile’ years or during menopause.  All too frequently during a consultation when I enquire about menstruation symptoms, the response is “only the normal pain, moods, cramping …”.  These symptoms need not be accepted as ‘normal’ – rather these symptoms are evidence of an imbalance.

By treating the body as a whole and identifying the cause of any such imbalance, my goal is to enable every woman to enjoy being a woman.

Sometimes underlying imbalances may not be obvious, that is when I recommend saliva hormone testing.  These are able to accurately identify imbalances responsible for causing unpleasant symptoms – whether it be pain, emotional or other physical discomfort.  The specific use of supplements and/or herbal remedies greatly assists in rebalancing the hormones and achieving the desired results – being pain free, experiencing no emotional fluctuations or achieving conception.

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Every woman should also be aware that imbalanced hormones can trigger more serious conditions, including breast, uterine or ovarian cancer.  Prevention is always the best approach.  Being well informed is also highly recommended.

If you, or any woman you know, are menstruating, please take the time to view Dr Mercola’s video on sanitary products – these items are frequently not given much consideration from a safety perspective.

Please go to Dr Mercola’s website and read about breast cancer and mammograms.  Remember to always consult a qualified health practitioner before taking any supplements.

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Most birth control pills, patches, vaginal rings, and implants contain a combination of the derivatives of the hormones estrogen and progestin. They work by mimicking these hormones in your body to fool your reproductive system into producing the following effects:

  • Preventing your ovaries from releasing eggs
  • Thickening your cervical mucus to help block sperm from fertilizing an egg
  • Thinning the lining of your uterus, which makes it difficult for an egg to implant, should it become fertilized

However, your reproductive system does not exist in a bubble … it is connected to all of your other bodily systems, and therefore the Pill is capable of altering much more than your reproductive status.

I stronly recommend every woman, especially teenage girls, read the book:  The Pill – Are you sure it’s for you? by Jane Bennett & Alesandra Pope published by Allen & Unwin.  It is easy to understand and provides insight into the affects of The Pill on the female body.  Dr Mercola also provides must-know information on his website

The Pill does not regulate hormones it introduces synthetic substances which mask underlying imbalances.  Remember, it is your body and your life.

Menopause Myths – Busted

Menopause is a name given to a range of symptoms associated with the cessation of menstruation. Interesting that in some cultures there is no word for menopause in their vocabulary – because it doesn’t exist! Read about how you can go through this change of life, symptom-free and feeling fantastic. Truly! Click here

Nature provides many foods and herbs that assist in balancing hormones. These are not only valuable during menopause but may also assist in alleviating many other hormone-based conditions. Click here