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Health Tips

There are No Shortcuts to health

It is with concern that I hear of ‘new’ treatments daily all presuming to be the long-awaited answer to our health issues.  From a ‘magic pill’ to stick-ons and machines, they all promise phenomenal health improvements.  Some may even work – to a degree.

However, what I am most concerned about is that people who have absolutely NO TRAINING in health care are prescribing and recommending treatments.  I am also very concerned with the level of self prescribing that people undertake over the internet.  On-line shopping does not provide any guarantee of efficacy or purity.  Even so called ‘natural’ substances may have contraindications with medication, supplements and pre-existing conditions.

Should you be approached by anyone claiming to have a new wonder item, please consult your qualified health professional before trying anything and check the credentials of anyone trying to sell you health care products.  Please bear in mind that ONLY qualified practitioners with a minimum of an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy or an Advanced Diploma in Nutrition are permitted to dispense or recommend nutritional supplements. 

Ultimately, the only true remedy for any health condition is identifying and treating the cause.

The …patient should be made to understand that he or she must take charge of his own life.  Don’t take your body to the doctor as if he were a repair shop.

Quentin Regestein

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Natural cleaning alternatives

One of the easiest ways to eliminate toxins is by using natural products to clean, disinfect and deodorise your home. Click here for some easy ideas using chemical-free cleaners.  Healthy Holistic Living also offers great ideas on how to use natural products all around the house.

Keeping bugs at bay with natural products such as essential oils can be highly effective and safe for family and nature.  Some good brands of essential oils include Essential Therapeutics or Sun Spirit available from  Quality essential oils and related products are also available at – I do not endorse MLM brands.


Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome is a cluster of metabolic abnormalities that have been found to be associated with a risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke greater than that of its individual components. Click here for more information about this common condition.

Inflammation & Auto-immune disease

Across the diverse range of chronic diseases a common feature is an increase in low-grade inflammation which predicts both the appearance and progression of disease.

Left unattended, a low-grade inflammatory state produces dysfunction and disease, feeding on itself to perpetuate an immunological imbalance which may lead to autoimmune disorders.

What to use: Margarine or Butter?

Click here to find out some interesting facts about these highly contentious spreads.  Many myths have been perpetrated by clever marketing to drive up sales on products which are not beneficial to our health.

Fortunately, there is now evidence of just how harmful margarine is.  A report published in February 2013 slams past research proclaiming that margarine is indeed more harmful than butter.

Fats and oils from nature are very important to include in your diet and are vital for healthy immune function.  The best oils to use are coconut oil, extra virgin cold pressed olive oil and fish oils as well as organic butter.  This link includes  some more information and a list of good fats and oils for you to look at:

When you include good fats in your diet they increase the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from foods and also provide your body with energy.  The good fats and oils are fantastic at helping the body to eliminate heavy metals like aluminium, mercury and nickel and lead.  Heavy metals can accumulate in your body and can cause health issues.  Eating good fats can cleanse the entire body as well as rebuild cell membranes.  This is because these fats act as powerful antioxidants and they increase the production of bile by the liver which eliminates heavy metals.

Good fats such as Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Fish Oils and Butter act as carriers for important fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, and for the conversion of carotene to vitamin A.

The most damaging fats and oils for the body are man-made hydrogenated fats (trans-fats) and polyunsaturated fats and oils from vegetables oils. These fats and oils are damaging to your entire body because they affect the structure of our cells and severely depress the immune system due to the hydrogenation process which results in an extremely toxic product that the body cannot process.

Vegetable fats and oils to eliminate from your diet are derived from plants such as canola (from rape seed), soy, safflower, sunflower, soybean, and corn oils. There are many products that contain these fats and oils, such as margarine, salad dressing, mayonnaise and cooking and baking oils – so always READ THE LABELS.

There are also many processed and prepared foods that contain these fats and oils which many people are unaware of as they are not always listed on products. If unsure, the best way to eliminate bad fats is to stop eating processed foods and to where possible eat wholesome and fresh ingredients.

Olive Oil comes from the olive fruit and is a natural juice which preserves the taste, aroma and vitamins of the fruit. Olive Oil is beneficial to your health as it contains a high content of monounsaturated fatty acids and anti oxidative substances. Studies have shown that olive oil offers protection against heart disease by controlling LDL (“bad”) cholesterol levels while raising HDL (the “good” cholesterol) levels.  The best Olive Oil to use is Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which as it originates from the first pressing of the olives is high quality and contains more nutrients. Look for your Olive Oil in dark bottles which protects it from being damaged by light. Because Olive Oil is damaged by heat it should be used unheated in salad dressings and homemade mayonnaise or poured over foods after they are cooked. Also remember that Olive Oil is an Omega 6 oil and should be consumed in moderation.

Coconut Oil
Many people believe that saturated fats are bad for you but in reality and in moderation Coconut Oil is an extremely healthy saturated fat that actually lowers your cholesterol it also supports immune system function.  Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which is a proven antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal agent and it is easily digested and absorbed.  It helps the body eliminate toxins as well as improving digestion and assists with the absorption of beneficial nutrients from our food. The best coconut oil to buy is one that is cold or expeller-pressed and unrefined. It is the best oil to use it for cooking as it has a high burning point.

Fish Oils (Essential Fatty Acids)
Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are essential to health.  A lot of modern diets contain omega 6, so eating more Omega-3 to correct this imbalance is important.  The best source of Omega-3 is fish.  Eating fish at least three times a week is essential to your health as the omega 3 in fish is high in two fatty acids crucial to human health, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). These two fatty acids can prevent heart disease, cancer, and many other diseases. Organic, grass fed, free range meat and eggs are also good sources of EFAs.

More recently Krill oil has inundated the Australian market.  Apart from environmental concerns of krill being at the beginning of our marine food chain, processing is difficult and there is no research to back up the many claims of its benefits.  More information on the different oils can be found under Nutrition Digestion & Health. 

Although butter is a dairy I am including it here as some people can tolerate it well.  If you prefer not to eat butter you can substitute any of the above oils or in baking try grapeseed oil.  Organic butter is tasty, and an important saturated fat in the diet as it contains minerals such as manganese, zinc, chromium, and iodine, as well as Vitamin D and many other nutrients.  Butter is rich in selenium, a trace mineral with antioxidant properties as well as vitamins such as vitamin A (retinol), vitamin D, vitamin K and vitamin E.

Cholesterol – fear factor or essential for our health?

Did you know that cholesterol is essential for the structure of cell membranes? Cholesterol is essential for the proper production of hormones. So why does it have such a bad reputation? It is more a case of mis-representation – here is a compilation of information about cholesterol.

Dr Mercola also points out some good reasons to think twice before taking cholesterol-lowering medications.  Follow the link to find out why.

Remember that our liver produces 80% of the body’s cholesterol – this shows us how important it is.  If you have elevated cholesterol, see your naturopath for supportive treatment and start drinking more purified water NOW!  Elevated cholesterol may be an indicator of impaired liver function or toxins building up in your body.

Research over the past 20 years has continued to show that cholesterol is not the cause of cardiovascular disease, but rather inflammation.  This inflammation is easy to measure – the next time you see your GP, ask for homocysteine levels to be tested.

Beware of plastics that can cause health problems.  Click here to find out the different types of plastics and those to keep away from food, cooking and your children.