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At True Medicine we offer natural solutions for those who wish to reclaim their life – with the energy and vitality needed to maintain a busy lifestyle.  Quick-fixes usually don’t last, which is why we focus on tailored treatments  empowering you to take positive and motivated action to achieve true wellness. 

To ensure this clinic uses the highest quality products and supplements available, regular reviews are conducted into most up-to-date research on the latest in treatments and technology.

“You can trace every sickness, every illness and every ailment back to a mineral deficiency”   Linus Pauling


At True Medicine we continue to bring you the most effective and safe, high quality, practitioner-only products – nutraceuticals, herbs, aromatherapy, natural skin care and, of course, trained professional advice.
Dagmar is an accredited G.E.M.M. – Gut Ecology & Metabolic Modulation – clinician.
Whether your concerns relate to fertility, fatigue, pain, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, allergies or general health, give the clinic a call on 0468 774 633. 


According to Dr David R. Seaman,  “we can no longer view different diseases as distinct biochemical entities. Nearly all degenerative diseases have the same underlying cause”.

In order to identify the underlying cause of your discomfort or pain, a comprehensive health history and various assessments and tests – both in clinic as well as functional and blood pathology, may be undertaken. Unlike some clinics, True Medicine does not require any lock-in contracts or minimum number of consultations.  Your treatment will be individualised and tailored to your personal needs and commitment.

“Life is not merely to be alive, but to be well.” Marcus Valerius Martial

 Modern-day health concerns are becoming more complex and chronic.  This usually means that several areas require treatment in order to re-establish health.

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 Nutritional Guidance

Dr Atsuo Yanagisawa, MD PHD explains: “Orthomolecular Medicine [is] preventing and curing disease using proper nutrition, such as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, ozone and hydrogen, and other nutrients essential for keeping optimum health.”

Good nutrition is more than just eating well. It involves a healthy digestive system including properly functioning and balanced bowels, good absorption and the transport of nutrients throughout the body. These processes involve various systems in the body including the blood and lymphatic circulation.  Are you concerned about possible genetic disorders?  Learn how lifestyle and good nutrition may change your genes for the better.

Understand your body’s needs and learn about diet and lifestyle strategies that will strengthen you and keep you healthy.  Go to Health Tips Diets & Recipes for blood-type foods, sample recipes and what your food plate should look like.

Most of us are seeking a diet program that meets our personal needs.  One that fits into our daily life.  Definitely not one that requires constant analysis and weighing of portions.  The Blood Type Diets provide a foundation, however, need to be interpreted to meet your ancestral heritage.  When we eat foods appropriate to our ancestral heritage, our body chemistry approaches a balanced, well functioning level.  There is no “one size fits all” and the fundamental principle of this clinic is to tailor solutions to suit your individual needs.

Herbal Medicine

Healing with nature’s herbs has been around for thousands of years. Scientific testing and research has refined this ancient art of healing, combining empirical knowledge with modern evidence-based research, providing answers which help us better understand how herbs work. Herbs can range between culinary delights to weeds, but to the naturopath and herbalist they are therapeutic medicines used to maintain or improve health and treat illness. The World Health Organisation has stated that herbal medicine treatments are still the most commonly used in the world today.

Herbs have powerful healing actions and should be used with care, administered only by qualified professionals. There are many medications, both prescription and over the counter which interact with some herbs so always provide details of anything you are taking.

Herbal medicines can be taken in liquid or tablet/capsule format, depending on your needs and personal preferences. Tinctures are blended to address specific areas in your body and can be changed as your health improves, accompanying you on your journey of health and vitality.

All products used in this clinic have been manufactured according to the Australian Government’s Code of Good Manufacturing Practice.  Manufacturing is strictly regulated and audited by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. In addition, Australian practitioners must undertake comprehensive training and gain accreditation with a registered Association in order to practice. All these controls are in place to protect you – safeguards that are not guaranteed when you purchase products online or from overseas manufacturers.

Bio-Regulatory Medicine

Homœopathy is one of the most prescribed forms of natural medicine in the world today. In some European countries homœopathy is prescribed by 75% of all doctors. The reason for this is the efficacy and tolerability of these remedies have been witnessed in millions of patients. Extensive research and clinical trials in recent times have further substantiated the acceptance of homœopathy.

Homotoxicology is the removal of noxious influences on the body using homeopathic remedies to stimulate detoxification of the body, thereby enabling it to heal itself.  Homœopathic remedies are based upon the principle that a substance in small doses may alleviate symptoms similar to those it causes at higher doses. The phrase “like cures like” is often used to describe this principle behind homœopathy. Homœopathy does not isolate organ systems, bacterial or viral influence. Rather, it looks at how your body is responding to external environmental factors such as diet, toxins, etc., as well as your internal environment including emotions, past grief and stress. It then encourages the body to create its own natural healing response.

Homœopathic medicines will relieve symptoms but in a different and much more complete way than other forms of medicine. Symptoms are not an illness, they are signs that your body is out of balance and trying to correct itself. Conventional medicines tend to suppress or mask the symptoms. Homœopathic medicines work with your body to stimulate the body’s own response to overcome the illness.

No harmful side effects

Homœopathic medicines do not produce unwarranted after-effects. They are not habit forming and can be used safely with conventional and other natural remedies.

Homœopathic medicines can be used during pregnancy but you will need to check with your health care professional if you are in your first trimester. They can also be used while breast-feeding, on neonates, infants and children.

Please bear in mind that ONLY qualified practitioners with a minimum of an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy or an Advanced Diploma in Nutrition are permitted to dispense or recommend nutritional supplements.  Never ‘self prescribe’ and always seek the advice of a qualified natural health practitioner.