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e-Newsletters 2010

December is a time for reflection.  I’d also like to take this opportunity to wish you a Safe and Happy Holiday season. 

November newsletter looks at the importance of treating the whole person in order to receive best health resultsUnhappy with your job?  This newsletter is an essential read for you.

October  focuses on brain function – helping our children prepare for end of year exams.  It also reports on a large international study linking fast foods such as burgers and fries to asthma.

September reminds us about the importance of digestive health but specifically in relation to metabolic syndrome  –  obesity, Type II Diabetes and cardiovascular health.  Also a timely reminder that summer’s approaching so if you need to lose a few kilos, now’s the time to start.

August newsletter focuses on Kidney health and the importance of preventative care as up to 90% of kidney function can be lost before any symptoms become evident.

July discusses the importance of nutrients in fertility as well as natural alternatives to anti-inflammatory medications

June  focuses on fundamental but essential nutrients which are essential to maintaining good health.  Read about vitamins & minerals in the June Newsletter.

May  provides a personal message to us all regarding our own health and tips to prevent weight gain during the winter months.

In April, the newsletter provides tips to immune health and early detection of Coeliac Disease.

March provides tips on how to help your kids at school and the importance of bowel health.

February‘s e-newsletter deals with respiratory ailments

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