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Autoimmune conditions linked to Borrelia infections

Interesting research conducted in Europe has linked Borellia burgdorf infection, more commonly known as Lyme Disease, to a range of autoimmune conditions including Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Scleroderma, Lupus erythematosus as well as chronic fatigue syndrome and ADD.  Furthermore, rather than only being spread by ticks, this research has shown that … Read more

Misleading TV ads

There are several advertising campaigns currently being aired on Australian television that are extremely misleading. The first depicts a person diving under water and likening a narrowing cave to the arteries in our body.  The inference is made that by taking cholesterol-lowering medication you prevent cholesterol plaque from building up and eventually obstructing your blood … Read more

One of many

I just wanted to share with you one of the many uses of eucalyptus essential oil. When painting and renovating, I prefer to avoid enamel paint opting for water based low-toxic products.  However, some jobs just require heavy duty paint.  It seems almost impossible not to get even a little paint on yourself


Life, sometimes, can seem overwhelming. In fact, after we ‘wake up’ to our divine place in the scheme of things, it can often seem even more so! We become aware of the problems caused by dumpsite disposal of plastics, of the rising salination of productive lands, of the tens (or even hundreds) of thousands of … Read more

Coffee – good or not?

More on caffeine – updated 6 Feb 2024 Australians love their caffeine.  Caffeine’s Downsides However, consuming caffeine can come with side effects, such as insomnia, anxiety, increased heart rate, addiction, and the ‘crash’ that occurs several hours after consumption. Not to mention that caffeine can block the absorption of some essential nutrients – think about … Read more

Halitosis … or just bad breath?

There are few things more unpleasant and uncomfortable in social situations than talking to someone with bad breath.  For many people, grabbing a mint or a piece of gum is quick solutionwhich only masks the problem. This approach often fails to address the root causes of bad breath, which for many people includes dietary deficiency. The reality … Read more

Water Fluoridation

The Queensland Government has now left the decision of whether or not to add fluoride to our drinking water to each individual Council.  Please lobby your local member to put an end to this practice. Dr Mercola reports on the detrimental side effects of fluoridation.  While the report discussed US data, we are faced with … Read more

Past research slammed: Margarine now more harmful than butter

Butter is now proven to be a better choice than margarine for heart health. It’s great to see that Australian research is finally challenging the truth surrounding margarine.  Perhaps now more of the initial research that was conducted into the benefits of eating natural butter compared to hydrogenated genetically modified plant oils will be made … Read more

The Grain Gain

During a recent visit to a large shopping centre, I could not help but notice the number of people who were carrying excess weight.  The health implications of being overweight or obese are surely well-known and do not require reiteration here.  What is frightening though, is the number of young people who are overweight. Please … Read more

Go unprocessed

Do you have any health concerns?  Fatigue, pain, weight issues, impaired concentration or poor memory, diabetes, cancer or other health issue? Virtually all reputable reports written about either maintaining good health or achieving good health, all say the same thing – avoid processed foods!  By eating naturally grown, organic produce, you give your body the … Read more