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Are you battling with the scales?

The following article was written by Gabrielle Hubert, Massage Therapist and Somatotherapist (Soma = Body, in Greek) in the Camilli Method since 2008.  Gabrielle is also an Image Consultant, focusing on helping you gain self-confidence particularly in a social environment.

Food is absolutely emotional and losing weight without working on emotions is very difficult. After disappointments and failures many people give up. How to avoid this?

Weight loss is one part of solving the problem. Effectively, in order to achieve long term success, a person’s  body, on the one hand, has to lose weight and on the other hand, the mind has to integrate the fact that their body is losing weight (Body image issue).

Because human beings are governed predominantly by two needs: 

  • having a sense of security (love, affection, warmth provided by parents), and
  • self-esteem shape (structured by family and carried into society)

People who have weaknesses in these areas are more fragile than others.

For some of them, food represents the only way for fill in this lack, loss or feelings of emptiness.

People in trouble with their scales have to make a choice between continuing what they have done until today (comfort zone), or identifying the cause for definitely removing this incomprehensible need for food (Symptom).

The Camilli Method is a body psychotherapy which heals psychosomatic and emotional issues through touching (skin memories), emotions and verbalization.

Struggling with the overweight and obesity epidemic is a real challenge because this has now reached 63% of the Australian population. For this reason, I am collaborating a team of professionals including Dagmar Ganser, naturopath in Hope Island,  and Personal Trainers, Chiropractors and a Yoga teacher.  This group is conscious that each overweight person is in pain and deserves the best support to overcome their fears and achieve wellness, health and happiness.

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