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Heavy metal contamination of prenatal vitamins

Recent research showed contamination of over-the-counter pre-natal supplements and one prescription brand.  In Australia, the brand most frequently prescribed by medical practitioners is Elevit.  While no brand names appear in this research article, it does highlight the need to seek professional advice and purchase quality products.

In Australia, naturopaths have extensive training in the body’s nutritional needs and how to discern which blend of nutrients will be most beneficial for you.  Naturopaths also have access to quality Australian supplements made by companies who adhere to strict manufacturing guidelines.  Australian standards in regards to levels allowed for heavy metal contamination, pesticides and other contaminants are amongst the best in the world. 

The article concluded:  Over the last four decades, there has been a dramatic increase in the prevalence of pediatric chronic disease []. There is considerable literature suggesting that prenatal and lactational exposure to chemical toxicants, including toxic elements, may be a significant determinant in childhood illness, including autism and cancer []. As highlighted by FIGO in their special release about prenatal exposures, the need for maternal health providers to be aware of, and educate patients about toxic exposure avoidance in pregnancy is unprecedented [].

If you are looking for a good pre-natal supplement, click here for a comparison of some major brands.

Pure Natal is the preferred product for many reasons but also because Pure Natal has been independently tested by a 3rd party for 165 chemical residues.  There is also full disclosure of excipients and it does not contain; talc, titanium dioxide, synthetic disintegrants, oxide synthetics, or magnesium stearate.  Pure Natal is avaliable following consultation at True Medicine.