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Mercury toxicity

While some dentists acknowledge the danger of mercury in amalgam fillings, others continue to deny any health risks.  Please take a look at the attached video and make up your own mind.

I would, however, recommend that you consider having any amalgam fillings removed PROPERLY – that is, seek natural health guidance from a qualified practitioner prior to removal to prepare your body and prevent intoxication.  Also, seek out reputable dentists – if you would like referrals, please contact me.

Mercury has been known to be a health hazard for a long time. And it has been used for dental fillings. It has been shown that mercury will seep from dental amalgams and get into the body. But this video here may still astonish you because you can actually see teeth with filling giving off mercury vapor!

Another identified source of mercury toxicity has now been identified – energy saving light bulbs.  

Mercury is now getting banned in more and more places (in thermometers, for example), but there is one place it is found more and more often where no one objects: energy efficient lamps. Since incandescent light has fallen from grace because of the high energy consumption, energy efficient lamps are heavily promoted. And that is justified when one looks at it from the viewpoint of saving energy. But the mercury contained in energy efficient lamps is a hazard for both humans and the environment, especially when the fall and break, which can never quite be ruled out in a household. Also, disposing of them is a headache, and of course there will always be those who just thrown them in the regular household garbage.