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The following article is written by Delia McCabe – Are you feeling overwhelmed? And what to do about it.

The world may seem like a scary place right now.

Some people are predicting WW3, environmentalists are predicting ongoing natural catastrophes, a global recession may be on its way, and mental health seems to be plummeting among our youth (and among many adults too).

Anyone would be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed.

Part of the problem is that we’re ALL exposed to far too much information!

Most of it is useless, and we can’t do anything about it.

Some of it can be damaging, even dangerous, such as supplements and diets, if we act on it, but, regardless, too much of it is taking up mental space.

Our brain doesn’t know what to do with this ONSLAUGHT of information. Just because information is useless doesn’t mean our brain ignores it.

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, this is one of the reasons you’re feeling this way.

It’s never been more important to think about what we’re exposing our brain to AND choose carefully what’s nourishing and nurturing it.

This may mean making some tough decisions – like not watching the news, or only catching up on the highlights once a week.

Remember there’s a BIG difference between information and knowledge!

  • Limit your exposure to information you can do nothing about.
  • Stop all notifications – they pull you out of concentration, focus and mindfulness.
  • Focus on what you CAN DO versus the opposite.

I know this seems simple, it is, but it’s not easy.

However, continue doing this consistently, even if you fail regularly.  

Your mental health and well-being are at stake.

In this newsletter you will only find knowledge that can help you feel less overwhelmed – and increase your stress resilience – so you can cope better with the world we’re now living in.

Keep in mind, it’s much better for our health and brain to DO something, to ACT on what we CAN control, versus worrying about what we can’t!