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Shake it to health

Do you suffer fatigue, gastrointestinal problems, food sensitivities, chemical or environmental sensitivities, chronic headache, or muscle or joint pain of unknown origin?

We often begin a new year with the best intentions and resolutions to get healthy.  However, these are frequently short-lived – more often than not, because it all seems too hard.  That need not be the case.  We know what we need to do – drink more purified water, eat a balanced whole food diet, get sufficient exercise and good sleep. 

Here is an easy option to get you started on your quest for improved health. 

MediRestore™ is a functional food in the form of a powdered meal drink mix. It is vegetarian, pleasant-tasting, easily digested, and simple to use. It is designed to support balanced detoxification, digestive function & a normal healthy response to inflammation. You can use MediRestore long term as a healthy snack/meal replacement, or use alongside a 28-day modified elimination diet.
This is a high quality practitioner-only product.  One of the many things that makes MediRestore different is the great taste – no, really! If you have had difficulty using other functional food shakes or dietary regimes, try MediRestore.

Plus, MediRestore is designed to be simply mixed with cold water. No need for milk substitutes, fruit juice, or other ‘mixers’ to hide the taste. It also makes it easy to have MediRestore on the go, as it can be mixed by shaking – no blender required.

Available at True Medicine.  Call 07 55301863 to arrange a consultation and receive a FREE 28-day diet plan to get you started on a healthy future.