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Tamiflu efficacy and safety qustioned

The following information has been published in Medscape – a medical newsletter:

What Has Roche Got to Hide?

In January 2012, the Cochrane Library published an updated review that included unpublished data and revealed inconsistencies and incomplete data. In her open letter to Roche, Dr. Godlee explained, “The Cochrane reviewers now know that there are at least 123 trials of Tamiflu and that the majority (60%) of patient data from Roche Phase 3 completed treatment trials remain unpublished. There are concerns on a number of  fronts: the likely overstating of effectiveness and the apparent under-reporting of potentially serious adverse effects. Meanwhile, Tamiflu has just been added to the list of essential drugs alongside aspirin and beta blockers.”        

In an editorial published online October 29 in BMJ, Dr. Godlee asks, “What has Roche got to hide?”