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Anti-anxiety medication fraught with dangers

I am seeing an increase in the prevalence of anxiety-type disorders.  Where in the past, depression impaired people’s ability to function, it appears that anxiety is rapidly taking over as one of the most presented cases in clinic.  Before turning to drugs, read about the underlying causes of depression and anxiety and learn how you can overcome these conditions naturally.  Also, read Dr Mercola’s report about Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac star, and the serious side-effects of prescription medications.

In our fast-paced society, it is all too easy to reach for a ‘pill’ to ‘fix’ what’s not in order.  Clever marketing and advertising campains urge us to ‘soldier on’ and even to administer dangerous drugs to children as young as four weeks of age.  If you are after long-term health, are seeking vitality and real solutions, you must address the underlying cause of any condition that is slowing you down and preventing you living a full and happy life.