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Meet your Mitochondria

What on earth are mitochondria?  They are the energy factory or powerhouse of every cell in your body.  It is within these cell structures that glucose is converted into energy.  If the mitochondrial action is impaired in any way, we suffer.  You may experience fatigue, lower tolerance to exercise, increased pain following exercise, even a build up of acidity in your body due to oxygen deprivation.

The link between impaired mitochondrial metabolism has been made to various health conditions such as cancer and autism.  In the case of cancer, it is the inability of the mitochondria to process glucose into energy that provides cancer cells with ample glucose as their energy source.  Numerous studies show that cancer cells are such incredible consumers of glucose that they will self-destruct when deprived of glucose.

In the case of autism, a direct link between autism and vaccines has been discussed as  causing dysfunctions in the mitochondria.  As many as one in 50 children may be at risk for mitochondrial dysfunction, according to experts’ estimates.  This mitochondrial dysfunction may ctually be a common response to numerous environmental assaults.   ANY child’s mitochondria can be taxed to a point that “predisposes” them to developing autism. Numerous toxic agents are known to damage mitochondria, including:

  • Thimerisol / Mercury
  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides
  • Aluminium
  • Pollution
  • Medications
  • Pre-Natal alcohol consumption
  • Inflammatory foods – grains, sugar, artificial additives

So, look after your powerhouses.  See your natural health practitioner and ensure your body is equipped to help you feel the power.