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Brain health for young and old

Supporting and optimising growth, development and maintenance of nerve tissue is essential for healthy brain function throughout all stages of life:  the prenatal period and infancy, childhood and adolescence, and senior years.

Environmental and dietary factors influence brain health and it is important to ensure that your brain is well nourished throughout your life.  Supplementation with quality nutraceuticals can help support nerve tissue, optimise brain function, nerve cell structure and function.

Good nutrients help ‘feed’ the brain by ensuring it has the ingredients it needs to function properly.  This functioning relies on good cell membrane integrity as well as presence of balanced neurotransmitters, which help to pass messages from one cell to another.  Nutrients can help protect cells from oxidative stress and free radical damage.  Oxidative damage has been shown as a contributor to brain degeneration and age-related cognitive decline as well as in behavioural disorders in children.

Adequate intake of essential nutrients during the prenatal period and infancy is essential to assist in proper brain development.  The early years have been shown to influence a child’s health throughout its life.

When it comes to brain health, age is irrelevant.  Our brain needs to function so we need to make sure it has the nutrients it requires as well as protect it from damage.

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