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How long will it take?

This question is often asked when people come in to see me suffering chronic conditions.  In most cases, the condition has been long standing and only once medical treatments have proven unsatisfactory, do they seek natural therapies.

As a general rule, for every decade of life, it takes four weeks of detoxification to de-acidify your body. That is, a 50-year old needs five months of detoxification plus four extra weeks for the current decade.  You must consider that we are usually exposed to environmental toxins, stress, poor and inadequate diets for many years before a condition actually presents itself.  I also use the analogy that for every year of dis-ease, it takes about one month of treatment.

The goal of natural medicine is to identify the underlying causes, which may be many and varied, in order to achieve lasting health.  Note, please that I say ‘lasting health’.  As with all natural therapies, your active involvement is essential to achieving the success you desire.

The more you embrace lifestyle change, the lower the dose and less supplementation/treatment will be required.

Start your healing today:

  • adopt the Blood Type Diet;
  • drink adequate amounts of purified water – 40ml/kg body weight
  • eat only nutrient-rich foods – preferably organic with emphasis on fresh vegetables and fruit
  • exercise daily – find something you enjoy doing as this helps keep you motivated
  • take time to relax
  • get a good night’s sleep every night – the best quality sleep is obtained between 9pm and 5am
  • don’t be tempted to self-prescribe – see a qualified natural health practitioner to assess any supplementation needs and purchase only quality high-grade practitioner-only products.