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Doctors over-prescribing

The matter of medical practitioners over prescribing medications was reported on free-to-air television with Channel 7’s The Morning Show today interviewing a General Practitioner who openly admitted to regular overprescribing.

Some health areas affected related to arthritis (anti-inflammatory drugs) and calcium supplementation.

The medical anti-inflammatory medications have been linked with increased risk of heart attacks and so now has the calcium.  The GP interviewed admitted that doctors have been pushing calcium for nearly 20 years.  It is no wonder then that we are a nation  grossly deficient in magnesium as this vital mineral is blocked when calcium is in excess.

The form of calcium prescribed by doctors is also the most difficult to absorb.  Hence, we are now seeing huge increases in cardiovascular conditions (calcification of arteries) and  calcium deposition in joints, kidneys and soft tissue.  I am unable (purely for legal reasons) to name the product which is also advertised most widely, but suffice to say, please check with your natural health practitioner before taking ANY supplements.

This is a good time to remind everyone that natural medicine practitioners study the human body’s biochemistry and nutritional needs for some years.  Nutrition often does not even feature during a GP’s training.  Always seek advice from the professional who is qualified to treat you.