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Don’t self-prescribe

You may have seen recent media reports regarding a tragic outcome for an individual taking food supplements purchased online, in circumstances that seem to include an unusual and idiosyncratic reaction to one or more ingredients. As the product in question does not seem to be a Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) listed product, there is some uncertainty over the ingredients.

The recurring issue raised by these reports is that purchasing products over the counter or online can result in significant risks to your health.

In this instance, the media reports highlight the significant gap in the therapeutic goods regulations between foods and medicines. There are many foods on the market that are making what are interpreted by the public as therapeutic claims, yet don’t get captured in the therapeutic goods regulations. This means they avoid having to comply with those requirements, including the basic safety requirements that protect the public.

For this very reason, you should ALWAYS consult a qualified naturopath in order to

     (1) be assessed for your individual needs;

     (2) receive TGA approved products;

     (3) save money by not wasting it on inferior quality.

The Australian Traditional Medicine Society strongly believes that the practitioner is central to good natural medicine, and quality control is best effected through practitioner only product (POP). Further, safe traditional-medicine practice is best delivered following a quality consultation with an accredited practitioner. It is this consultation process that provides effective prescribing of natural remedies.

Naturopaths study for many years in order to become qualified.  Once qualified, they have to abide by strict regulations, be an accredited member of a registered association, and undertake ongoing professional education. 

Can’t repeat this often enough:  NEVER self-prescribe!