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Environmental Toxins

The story aired on Sixty Minutes last night tells of toxic substances sprayed over foods we eat.  If you missed it, please follow the link:

Pesticides, herbicides and other substances have been sprayed on crops for decades.  These chemicals enter the soil where they remain, unable to be broken down by nature. It is only once we see evidence of damage – whether it be the aligators in the US, birds becoming sterile or others becoming sick and dying – that we take note.  And still the official stance remains that all is well and there’s no need to panic.

We may not be able to stop use of toxins completely, but we can help our body to eliminate them before damage is done.  Clinical detoxification involves assessment of your overall health and your body’s ability to detox.  Don’t be tempted to undergo a quick fix and buy an off-the-shelf product that may do more harm than good.  If you can’t see me, then seek the advice of a qualified natural health care professional in your area.