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Fish Oil

The following explains why I recommend Nordic Naturals or Orthoplex fish oil products – purity and quality.  Always purchase quality products and remember that in order to maintain quality fish oil should always be refrigerated – in store and at home!
Research Nutrition are aware of the results from research conducted by the University of Auckland’s Liggins Institute evaluating the quality and content of fish oils sold in New Zealand and Australia. The study looked specifically at the amount of omega-3 EPA and DHA contained in various products, measuring the oxidation (rancidity) of the oil by measuring Peroxide, Anisidine and Totox Values.

The conclusion was that there is a high number of fish oils sold in NZ that do not meet label claims with regards to omega-3 content (specifically EPA and DHA) probably due to the high rancidity or oxidation levels causing degradation of the EPA and DHA molecules. At this stage information with regards to which brands or products were included in the research has not been released. Further investigation is needed in relation to the research; however, the news coverage of the study has increased awareness of the importance of freshness and purity of fish oil and highlights the benefits of making informed decisions about omega-3 supplements. Nordic Naturals products undergo rigorous third-party testing and are very transparent with the results, which consistently show the omega-3 content to meet or exceed the label claim, and are well below the international limits for oxidation.

You can view Nordic Naturals and other brands test results via consumer report group IFOS: Nordic Naturals always has and will continue to supply third party test results for every batch of their award winning oils. Research Nutrition urges those who are concerned about the quality of their omega-3 supplement to ask their supplier for a Certificate of Analysis.

Nordic Naturals is a vertically integrated company that manages the entire journey of the fish oil process – from boat to bottle. Nordic Naturals’ multi-patented manufacturing process uses leading technologies to deliver fish oil with exceptional freshness and purity levels. Several steps are used in processing the oils, from water and clay filters to molecular distillation. Nitrogen is used to avoid exposure to oxygen at every stage of manufacturing – only by using nitrogen can fish oil be protected from oxidative rancidity that leads to fishy smell and taste.

For more information, you can watch a video that takes you behind the scenes of the manufacturing process here: Research Nutrition is the approved Australian distributor of Nordic Naturals products, and ensures TGA compliance and correct storage.