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Go unprocessed

Do you have any health concerns?  Fatigue, pain, weight issues, impaired concentration or poor memory, diabetes, cancer or other health issue?

Virtually all reputable reports written about either maintaining good health or achieving good health, all say the same thing – avoid processed foods!  By eating naturally grown, organic produce, you give your body the nutrients it needs in its natural format.  Your body knows what to do with it.  This is often not the case with processed foods or synthetic supplements.

Dr Mercola is a strong advocate of avoiding all genetically modified foods – and rightly so.  It always fascinates me how Australia seems to follow in the footsteps of America.  Not a problem when things are beneficial and worth emulating.  However, Genetic Modification of foods does not fall in the ‘good’ basket.  Our health statistics reflect those of the USA.  However, Europeans seem to enjoy far better overall health than we do.  Could this be because they have banned GM foods; banned fluoridation of drinking water; banned microwaves in some countries; banned mercury in dental work; banned many childhood vaccinations?  Makes you wonder.

This is a summary of Dr Mercola’s article on dangerous oilsTwo of the most harmful ingredients in processed foods are high fructose corn syrup and soybean oil, whether partially hydrogenated, organic, or made from newer soybean varieties modified in such a way as to not require hydrogenation

  • Completely unnatural man-made fats created through the partial hydrogenation process cause dysfunction and chaos in your body on a cellular level, and studies have linked trans-fats to health problems ranging from obesity and diabetes to reproductive problems and heart disease
  • Besides the health hazards related to the trans fats created by the partial hydrogenation process, soybean oil is, in and of itself, NOT a healthy oil.
  • Add to that the fact that the majority of soybeans grown in the US is genetically engineered, and as a result saturated with dangerous levels of the herbicide glyphosate which may have additional health consequences as there are no long term safety studies.
  • When taken together, partially hydrogenated GE soybean oil becomes one of the absolute worst types of oils you can consume.
  • The genetically engineered (GE) variety planted on over 90 percent of US soy acres is Roundup Ready engineered to survive being doused with otherwise lethal amounts of Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide (glyphosate). GE soybeans have been found to contain residue levels as high as 17 mg/kg, and malformations in frog and chicken embryos have occurred at just over 2 mg/kg.

Food Matters also provides evidence of GM foods contributing to tumours and cancer.  Food Matters also provides simple ways to prevent or reverse diabetes

We need to bear in mind that we are what we eat and drink.  If the food is organic, dense in essential nutrients and fresh, our body will be able to function optimally enabling us to feel great.  If, on the other hand, we put modified foods, synthetic supplements, meat that has come from animals fed on GM grains, and highly processed foods into our bodies, we will feel unwell, lacking in energy, experience pain and deterioration leading to chronic disease.  We end up overweight and malnourished. 

The choice is yours.