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Guest Blog – Fertility and IVF

The following article was written by Joanne who summarises her story thus:

My husband and I have been TTC for 2 years, before we got our beautiful girl. Done all of the testing, diagnosis: unexplained infertility.  Did a round of IUI, but money was a problem at that time, so we were not able to do another. We decided to do the only thing we could at that moment – commit ourselves to a healthier living and started taking natural health supplements. We reduced stress as much as we could, implemented a protein rich diet, lots of  fruits and vegetables,  Red Clover, Vitamin D, Maca,  Cod Liver Oil.  I have done yoga, went to acupuncturist, tried meditation. I can’t say what helped exactly but after 2 years I got pregnant and 9 months later came Kirsty.

Joanne’s story is not unique.  Many couples are finding it increasingly difficult to conceive naturally.  While some spend hundreds of thousands of dollars undergoing IVF and other medical treatments, with or without success, others are opting for a more natural approach.  Clinical experience has shown repeatedly that about six months of commitment by a couple to living a healthier lifestyle and detoxing their bodies, usually ends in conception of a healthy baby.  It may sound strange, but there are still couples who are not willing to invest this small effort in order to have a healthy child.

Here is Joanne’s article:

6 Natural Ways for Boosting Fertility

If you’ve been trying to have a baby and failing, there may be one or many things you are doing wrong. Here’s a look at a few things you should be doing instead, to naturally boost your fertility.

1. Eat Healthy and Well

Just as being overweight can affect your fertility poorly, not being well nourished can have the same effect. You need to eat well, and give your body the right balance of vitamin C, iron, zinc and protein to be able to nourish a baby. Nature already takes precautions to prevent conception in mothers that don’t have the right nourishment – lack of the nutrients mentioned can lengthen your menstrual cycle and reduce the frequency of ovulation. There are also greater chances of early miscarriage. Include plenty of protein* rich foods like fish, meat, eggs, low-fat dairy and beans. If you’re vegetarian, you can get your proteins from beans and tofu.

[Dairy should be consumed minimally and be full fat.  Low fat = high carbs. Most people actually can’t tolerate cow’s milk.  Also, you might like to mention the importance of sourcing organic – especially meat, chicken and eggs.  For a vegetarian to get good protein, they must learn how to combine foods properly]

2. Keep Calm and Cool

Stress is one of the biggest demons that can stop you from conceiving. In men, stress can slow down the production of sperm and lower libido. In women, it can adversely affect fertility. But it’s not just stress, but heat as well, which may stifle sperms before you can conceive. Some gynaecologists suggest that men who are trying to conceive should spend less time with a laptop on their laps and also choose loose boxer shorts over tight pants.

3. Exercise

If you thought exercise was only for keeping in shape and heart-healthy, you’re wrong. Exercise can affect fertility as well. Studies have found that women who spent at least some time in the day being moderately active, such as gardening, housework etc. are 3 times more likely to succeed with IVF conception as compared to sedentary women. When you don’t exercise, it is likely that your body produces too much insulin, which is not good for the growth of healthy eggs.

4. Cut Down On Bad Habits

This means the cigarettes and alcohol and recreational drugs must go. Cigarettes contain toxins that cause ovaries to age, and they also interfere with the process of fertilization and implantation. So if you’re a 35 year old smoker, your ovary probably functions like that of a 42 year old! You can reverse this process to some extent, as soon as you stop smoking. As for alcohol, too much of it has also been found to interfere with not just ovulation but sperm production as well. You should stop your partner from drinking that extra glass too.

6. Use Acupuncture

There are other natural ways of dealing with stress and bringing you to the right frame of mind for conception, such as with acupuncture. This Eastern medical technique is being widely used for raising fertility as well. When you turn up at a clinic, you will have super-thin needles inserted into specific points on your body to stimulate healthy fertility and even treat infertility.

5. Take A Holiday

It seems natural that women on holiday should conceive more successfully, and it is a fact. When you’re on holiday, you’re less stressed, and stress is one of the biggest killers of fertility. Therefore, if you want to have a baby, packing your bags and heading off with your partner to a romantic destination is one of the best things you can do.

Good luck!

My comments:

Dairy should be consumed minimally and be full fat.  Low fat = high carbs. Most people actually can’t tolerate cow’s milk.  Also, it is important to source organic – especially meat, chicken and eggs.  For a vegetarian to get good protein, they must learn how to combine foods properly.

I also strongly recommend that conception preparation should be undertaken under the supervision of a qualified natural health practitioner to ensure that your, and your partner’s, individual needs are met.