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Modern health care system is leading cause of death

In most cases when we are not feeling well or become sick, our first thoughts are to see the doctor. Medicine has some amazing tools to assess, diagnose and treat many health conditions. However, some of these treatment methods are actually causing more harm than good. You don’t have to search long to find many articles, recordings and reports about how the multi-national pharmaceutical corporations are getting rich on ‘sickness’. The attached research relates to American data. Unfortunately, the Australian Government does not release figures pertaining to this country – interesting.

The attached article came in from researcher Dr. Daniel Webber. Please read it and you will be shocked as to how many people die from pharmaceuticals and hospitalization every year. This is the information your doctor, and media do not give you. Yet, there may be a single report of an adverse reaction to a herb and it gets pulled from the market, go figure. It may not even be the herb but the fact that someone self-prescribed without knowing about interactions of some natural remedies with drugs.  It’s all about WHO is paying for the media releases…..the pharma companies.  Scary but real.