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Your right to choose health care

The reason I am writing this Blog is because of the huge push against natural therapies, whether it is the CODEX Alimentarus, out-lawing of herbal and homeopathic remedies in Europe and the UK or just bad press.  In actual fact, natural remedies have been around since man (and woman) first walked on this planet.  Clinical evidence of its efficacy covers thousands of years.  Please do not misunderstand me though as I firmly believe that in order to have a viable health system we need both allopathic medicine and natural remedies.  Both need to work together and both should be equally accessible to you – access which is being threatened and manipulated.

One just has to pick up a Medicare pamphlet on immunisation where it clearly states that your Family Assistance payment will be affected if you do not immunise your child.  Surely it is every parent’s right to choose the most suitable health care for their children, particularly when 2-month old babies are to be given eight – yes eight – different vaccines in one hit!  Even deferring some vaccinations until the child’s immune system is stronger, or staggering the injections can help alleviate adverse reactions – reactions that may not become evident until many months or years later.

Express your right to choose health care.  Lobby your Local Member and retain freedom of choice and ensure you have options for your health in future.