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You can’t blame your Genes

It is quite correct to say that you may have inherited a certain genetic code, however, what this code does for you is determined by you alone.  In other words, our lifestyle or ‘epigenetics’ governs and determines our health.  Another analogy that I recently heard was that our genes are the rifle, but our lifestyle pulls the trigger.

When genetics became big, it became a general idea that we were largely predetermined and that some people were lucky to have good genes and others unlucky enough to have bad genes. “Genetic predisposition” became a good reason to screen everyone for something.

Newer studies show more and more that lifestyle is more important than genetics. This new study from Sweden is just one of them. The University of Gothenburg in Sweden recently announced in the Journal of Internal Medicine the results of a study conducted on life expectancy, genetics and lifestyle. The study revealed that contrary to popular belief, lifestyle had a larger impact than hereditary factors on longevity:

One reason why this may be so is because genes can be turned on or off depending on environmental factors. Nutritional status, toxins, pathogens, even our emotions could have an impact. We can’t change our genes, but we can certainly change the way we live.  So it is good to know that “something can be done about it”. We don’t have to be victims.

Now that you know you can control your health and even reverse any deteriorating health conditions, take action!  Learn how nutrients, toxins, pathogens and emotions affect you.  Call Dagmar on 07 5530 1863 for a health assessment today or contact your local qualified natural health practitioner.