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Artificial sweeteners

You may have noticed a significant increase in the marketing of ‘sugar-free’ soft drinks and foods.  Unless the product uses Xylitol or Stevia, the sweetener is not natural.  Even Xylitol and Stevia have to be ‘processed’ which means that the natural form has been modified.

However, it is the aspartame and its related products that continue to make their way into soft drinks, especially cola drinks, and other foods. 

Another very disconcerting fact is the use of aspartame and other artificial sweeteners in many bulking/protein powders supplied in gyms.  I always ask patients to bring in what they are taking.  The other day, a very large tub of bulking powder revealed not only one but two types of artificial sweetener and other synthetic ingredients – one of which lowers testosterone.  Not really what men are looking for.  This just highlights the concern associated with non-qualified people dispensing food supplements.

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