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Sugar – are you having too much?

Sugar related diseases are on the rise.    Everyday hundreds of companies push their addictive, attractively packed products with additives that are not beneficial to our health. One CEO of a major food company stated ‘people want flavour’ and with that thought in mind nutrition goes out the window. They use many tricks to get … Read more

The pitfalls of Bicarbonate

Over the centuries human diets have evolved from being alkaline to acidic, which can lead to detrimental health effects. The body uses endogenous (made by the body) bicarbonate to buffer this acidity, but supply is limited. This has lead to the belief that simply replacing bicarbonate as an alkalising supplement will support the body. However, … Read more

Pyrroluria – Medical Condition or Biomarker?

Is Pyrroluria a discrete medical condition or is it a biomarker of other pathology? Courtesy of InterClinical Laboratories,we take a look into the history, research findings and treatment options.   Detection Hydroxyhemopyrrolin-2-one (HPL) or “mauve factor” was first discovered in 1958 in the urine Dr Hoffer’s psychiatric patients. It was named after the colour it appeared in chromatograph assays. … Read more

Detoxing – the body’s housekeeping

Every day, our bodies are exposed to pollutants and chemicals (external) and endogenous (internal) waste products. We process and eliminate most of these toxins as part of normal detoxification and elimination processes, via the liver, kidneys, intestines, skin, lungs and lymph. However, sometimes detoxification and elimination is impaired due to lifestyle, environmental and/or genetic factors.(1) … Read more

Mental health – anger issues and nutrition

Micronutrient Therapy for Negative Adolescent Behaviours It is a transformational time for our understanding of mental health disorders. They are no longer considered merely a chemical imbalance of neurotransmitter function but rather a broader interplay of factors which affect brain function.  Many emotional symptoms are in part the result of inflammation, gut dysbiosis, oxidative stress … Read more

Gestational Diabetes

The following research indicates that adequate magnesium may play a role in preventing gestational diabetes.  As is always the case with any supplement, taking the correct form is essential to achieving success.  There are many forms of magnesium, as indeed other minerals, with the Oxide being the most readily available over the counter (OTC).   However, … Read more

Are your food choices making you sick?

GoodFood,  By PAULA GOODYER     April 10, 2018 Is it a coincidence that as the number of over-processed foods in our supermarkets has grown, the diversity of microbes living in our gut has shrunk? Many researchers say our modern diet has a lot to answer for when it comes to the rise in obesity, diabetes, allergy … Read more

What your teeth say about your health

Article written and submitted by Anne Graham Many people assume that when they visit the dental surgery, their dentist is looking for things such as plaque and cavities, but the reality when you open your mouth you are revealing so much more about your health. Many dental professionals refer to the mouth as the window … Read more

Add colour to your life

Feeling motivated, driven and focused in our day-to-day lives depends on a number of environmental circumstances and influences in addition to your mood, energy and stress resilience status. Dopamine is a modulating neurotransmitter synthesised in the brain (as a monoamine), and the adrenal medulla (as a catecholamine), which governs motivation of positive reinforcement and reward, cognition, … Read more

Australians at risk of bowel cancer

Sydney Morning Herald article on 21 March 2016 reports of the increased risk of developing bowel cancer with age.  More than 8 million Australians (almost one in three people) will be in the “crosshairs” of bowel cancer in just 10 years. That’s the finding of a disturbing new report released on Monday by leading social demographer … Read more