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There is no denying that cancer rates are on the rise and the prognosis for the coming decade is looking grim with almost one in two people expected to be diagnosed with this condition.  With the billions of dollars worldwide being pumped into ‘cancer research’ why aren’t effective treatment options more widely known?  It is a fact that most cancer cells preferentially feed on sugar.  Research in the 1940’s established this and offers modern medicine mechanisms to target cancer cells with chemotherapy while avoiding the otherwise widespread damage to healthy cells.  Is this being applied?  No.

In 1932 Otto Warburg discovered that cancer was anaerobic and could not survive in an alkaline environment.  More recently I read of research showing how tumours shrunk considerably within hours when bicarbonate solution was injected into surrounding tissue.

Nature provides us with all the nutrients and remedies needed for optimum health.  This is especially true for fruit and vegetables (organically grown and not covered in toxic chemicals).  However, when our bodies are unwell and fighting invasive cells (as is the case with cancer), simply eating a healthy diet is sometimes not enough.  There is a particular substance in fruit and vegetables, called Salvestrols* which has been shown to be particularly beneficial in situations involving cancer.

NZ Herald


Here is an excerpt from the NZ Herald, 5:00 AM Tuesday Dec 2, 2014, regarding Salvestrols:


Salvestrols & Cancer MUMcologists and the Burger Man

Alternative ‘common-sense’ treatment for disease being funded by TV ad personality

Annemarie Gallagher, with her son Joshua, 6, who is in remission from a brain tumour, is a believer in the product backed by “Kiwi Dave” Vousden.  Salvestrols family

Photo / Christine Cornege


A group of New Zealand and Australian mothers of children with cancer are using an alternative treatment to stave off the disease. The women, who call themselves “the Mum-Cologists”, say the results are remarkable despite the product being supposedly unproven. In an ongoing study with children with supposedly terminal brain tumours, 23 children on the Salvestrols program are alive and doing very well.   Known as Salvestrols, the capsules are supplied free to the children by the former face of fast food chain Wendy’s – “Kiwi Dave” Vousden. Mr Vousden, a manufacturing chemist who heads Salvacare Biotechnologies, said the treatment was based on common sense. “Fresh food has always been the answer.” But he does not overtly promote the treatment, despite believing it has also had great results in adults with cancer – including himself.

“I had bladder cancer and had surgery and chemotherapy but after that I had a cancerous lesion develop on my kidney and my pancreas. I was told that I had about 20 weeks if I was lucky and that’s when I started taking Salvestrols. That was four years ago and the lesions disappeared 6 months after starting the Salvestrols.”   According to experts who began research into Salvestrols in the 1990s, documented in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine and the British Naturopathic Journal, they trigger a process in the body allowing it to kill diseased cells. But they have been depleted from food through modern farming and production techniques which have drastically altered diet.   “I’m not making a claim for Salvestrols; it’s not a miracle cure,” Mr Vousden said. “But if we had the food we had 100 years ago I don’t think we’d have half the problems that we have today.”

The Internet is filled with stories where people have ‘cured’ themselves when prognoses were dim.  I maintain that the body can, when given the right support, in most cases heal itself.  However, everyone is different and the fundamental question must always be ‘why’? Why did the cancer happen?  What is the underlying cause?  Because without addressing the real cause, even if tumours are removed, they will most likely return.

As an Integrated Medicine Naturopath, Dagmar has been trained in combining nature’s remedies with medical treatments.  Tailored personal care is able to not only minimise unwanted side effects, but also support the treatment outcome.  The Salvestrols mentioned in the above article are available through clinic appointments.

* Article courtesy of Quest for Health