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Bad habits accelerate your ageing process

Millions of dollars are being spent annually on procedures to help us “look younger”.  Yet the bad habits that are actually making us age faster are ignored.

In his article, Bad habits can age you 12 years, Dr Mercola outlines:  “Eating poorly, not exercising, drinking too much and smoking does not just age you a little bit — it ages you by more than a decade. For many, the motivation to live a cleaner life often doesn’t occur until a health issue sets in, but the fact that you may be able to pass as being in your late 40s when you’re actually in your early 60s may help give you that added incentive you’re looking for.

It should be mentioned, too, that those in this unhealthy group were also more likely to die during the study. The most common causes of death? Cancer and heart disease, which are both often related to lifestyle habits.” 

We read about good health but continue to ignore the advice. It really isn’t that difficult to lead a healthy vibrant lifestyle – the rewards are definitely worth it!  Feel and look younger, have more energy, experience more fun and just live life to the full.