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Beta-Glucan – clinical trials show its immune benefits

hayfeverImprove allergy symptoms & respiratory illness

May is here and with it the last month of autumn. While we have enjoyed an extended period of warm weather, winter is just around the corner.  As the cooler weather approaches, so too do the coughs and colds.  It is time to strengthen your immune system in order to ward off infection in the coming months.

Nature offers many tools to help strengthen the immune system. One, Beta-glucan, not only helps to reduce the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections, but also provides relief to allergy sufferers.  Furthermore, it also reduces the adverse effects stress has on the immune system.

Other more well-known supplements include natural Vitamin C, ginger, turmeric, garlic as well as herbs such as Echinacea, cat’s claw, Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs, homeopathic remedies (especially suitable for young children) and many others. Each immune supportive has its place and should be prescribed by a qualified naturopath, nutritionist and/or herbalist. 

Quality and purity have a high priority in items dispensed at True Medicine. To help equip yourself and your family against winter’s onslaught of infections, arrange an appointment today by calling 07 5530 1863.