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Fibromyalgia relief with minerals

Women with Fibromyalgia Have Lower Levels of Calcium, Magnesium, Copper, Iron and Manganese in Hair Mineral Analysis

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder suffered by many thousands of people, predominately women, which is still poorly understood. Fundamental symptoms include fatigue and musculoskeletal pain with a heightened tendency to anxiety and depression. Modern life, often high in stress and low in adequate nutrition can lead to micronutrient deficiency. Magnesium, for example, is less evident in today’s diets due in part to a negative shift in the intake of magnesium rich foods such as organ meats and mineral water as well as depleted minerals in agricultural soil.

It makes sense that chronic insufficiency of magnesium or other micronutrients can lead to a range of chronic health problems. This month’s clinical update includes a study from Korea’s Ajou University Hospital where hair tissue mineral analysis was performed on a group of women diagnosed with fibromyalgia.


The Research

The analysis of hair tissue for minerals can be an extremely effective tool when helping with the management of many health conditions. This was examined in a recent cross-sectional, case-controlled study by the Ajou University Hospital, conducted on forty-four female candidates, aged between twenty-nine and fifty-seven years, all of whom were suffering with fibromyalgia (as well as on an age and BMI-matched control group). It was revealed that an array of mineral deficiencies, including magnesium, was found. The opens up a new possibility for fibromyalgia symptom and pain management through mineral therapy and supplementation.


This study concludes that the minerals shown to be lower in the fibromyalgia patients were the minerals that are associated with neuromuscular function (such as magnesium, calcium and manganese) and overall muscular health (such as iron and copper): this was speculated to be due to the nature of fibromyalgia, and that the need for these minerals is higher in those with the condition.

This study suggested that the supplementation of these minerals may be beneficial to provide symptomatic relief in fibromyalgia patients.  

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