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Mechanisms of MS

Nobel Prize winner Harald zur Hausen has published his recent work about Multiple Sclerosis and believes he has described the exact mechanism how MS comes about. Some of the factors involved have been thought to be implicated for a number of years, but zur Hausen is the first to describe the entire genesis of this condition.

His theory is quite complex and is explained thus:

  • First we must be infected with small DNA particles from the bovine species (cattle), which we get from consuming dairy or beef. These particles may infect neurons (cells of the nerve tissue) and lay there dormant, causing no harm.
  • The second step is that the same cell becomes infected with a virus from the Herpes family, often Epstein Barr Virus (EBV), which is known for causing mononucleosis. But even a nerve cell infected with both these agents will not cause any issues, until a third thing happens:
  • When vitamin D is lacking, the body reacts by producing more of a growth factor called TGF-ß. This growth factor will cause EBV to multiply, but the DNA particles will usurp some of the substances produced when EBV replicates for itself and multiply rapidly. When this happens, the body reacts with an inflammation process which causes the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.


When you look at this long and complicated process, there are numerous steps that can be addressed along the way:

  • avoid early exposure to DNA fragments [whether bovine or vaccine serums]
  • clear viral material from the body using either herbal, homeopathic or frequency therapies;
  • support the immune system;
  • ensure adequate exposure to health sun and maintain Vitamin D levels.

The above diagram shows various steps for infection and compromised immunity.  Prevention is always better than trying to treat disease.  Call True Medicine on 07 5530 1863.