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Immunisation – some big questions

The following article appeared in the May 2015 issue of “Living Now”.  The author provides an excellent summary of current concerns surrounding our vaccination protocols.  It is reproduced here, with permission of the author.

Written by Margaret Burdan

Have you wondered about why Bill Gates’ polio vaccine for every child, starting in the third world countries has gone quiet?  At first it was front page news – the world can defeat polio – and surely, if it was hugely successful, it would still be front page news.  If you Google Bill Gates and polio you will find that in 2011 alone the vaccine caused 47,500 paralysis and deaths in India.*  A very distressing fact.  At what cost is polio being defeated and is it the vaccine that is defeating it?

Australia prides itself on being a country of freedom, of free choice, the lucky country.  Forcing parents to vaccinate children doesn’t belong here.  We are being told that the taxpayers should not have to support parents whose children have not been vaccinated however valid their reason.  What is forgotten is that these parents are taxpayers too.  Our freedom, our liberty, is being undermined.  Is that what we want?

Unfortunately, immunisation of children is a very emotional subject and is dividing the nation and, even worse, families.

The people who believe that immunisation should be compulsory are happy for those of us who disagree to be forced to immunise our most vulnerable citizens, young children.

We hear that Australian doctors are behind this forced immunisation.  We ask if this is really true or just another of many sweeping statements that sounds good.  We ask why, if immunisations really work, are parents of vaccinated children scared of the non-vaccinated child – and there is silence.  We hear of stories and know of adults and children who have become seriously ill, with some actually dying, after being inoculated.  Coincidence?  We ask for guarantees that these inoculations do actually work and won’t harm our precious children.  No guarantees are forthcoming.  Most of us are very responsible people and have looked seriously into the pros and cons of immunisations so we are able to make a carefully considered choice.

Anger builds up when, once again, our intelligence is threatened and all our valid research to find the very best way to keep our children healthy is treated with contempt.

How many have seriously tried to have any understanding as to why some of us are saying that this is not the best way to go?  We believe we have a very valid reason to be worried and that the concern should be listened to and acted upon instead of being talked down.

What do we know about immunisations?  Injecting the body with a killed version of the disease forces the body to react to protect itself when needed.  The idea is well founded but what many are concerned about are the chemicals and known poisons that are used as preservatives.  There is also a concern that injecting more than one dead disease at a time (e.g. triple antigen) can overload the body even in adults, let alone a little person.  It means that it isn’t necessarily the ideal product to inject into every child.  We need to be guided by the parents as they are responsible for their children.  None of these concerns should be taken lightly and they should not be ignored. 

We know that the Big Pharma is very powerful and makes large amounts of money.  They have a responsibility to their shareholders and staff to make money.  We also know that we are unwise to go toe to toe with bog business having known of many intelligent and respected people who have tried and been destroyed in the process.  So what to do?

It may well mean we need to make strong bonds with our American counterparts and others around the world.  It may mean we need to collect date of valid and proven information.  It may mean we need to research carefully the very foundations of what is being given us as ‘the truth’.  It does mean that we need to become a force to be reckoned with and a large enough group to make people sit up and take notice.  A few voices can easily be ignored.  Who will come forward and be our leader?

Unfortunately this is all slow work.  So my suggestion for parents in this dilemma is to make sure that your little one/ones are as healthy as they can be before being inoculated.  My family uses a fabulous supplement that is safe for children and there are many other excellent natural supplements that boost the immune system and help the body rid itself of poisons and chemicals.

* Indian Journal of Medical Ethics Vol. IX No. 2 (2012) – authors are Dr Jacob Puliyel, Head of Paediatrics, and Neeta Vashisht, Department of Paediatrics, St. Stephens Hospital, Delhi.