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Support sleep and gut health in ASD children

Nearly half of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder have compromised gastrointestinal function and nutrient deficiencies. Studies show the positive effect of multivitamin and mineral supplement on symptoms. Children with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) are known to have significantly lower levels of most vitamins and minerals compared to healthy controls. The most common deficiencies are Vitamins … Read more

Aluminium – it’s everywhere …. but is it safe?

Aluminium is ubiquitous in the environment. In recent years, it has increasingly been incorporated in consumer products, foodstuffs, medications/vaccines and drinking water with a presumption of safety. This presumption is based on the belief that as is not overtly toxic in acute low dose ingestion, cumulative consumption must also be benign. However, is this assumption actually … Read more

Immunisation – some big questions

The following article appeared in the May 2015 issue of “Living Now”.  The author provides an excellent summary of current concerns surrounding our vaccination protocols.  It is reproduced here, with permission of the author. Written by Margaret Burdan Have you wondered about why Bill Gates’ polio vaccine for every child, starting in the third world … Read more

But my grandparents were fine!

A friend recently asked why so many of his work colleagues were being diagnosed with quite serious health issues.  Without knowing their situations, this was not an easy question to answer.  As a general recommendation, a few dietary changes can often relieve many symptoms.  These usually include elimination of wheat, dairy, artificially flavoured/coloured/sweetened foods, processed … Read more

Antibiotics lose the fight

The American Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now admits that due to the overuse of antibiotics, both prescription on people and in animal husbandry, has brought humankind to a place where the medical profession is helpless against superbugs.  What’s truly astonishing about this report is that it admits, in effect, that  modern medicine … Read more

The ‘flu by Don Tolman

The following is a quote from Don Tolman which explains influenza and vaccination quite well: “It saddens me that each year there’s a giant push to have the masses vaccinated for the flu. Most people don’t realise that there are huge agendas behind these campaigns. Every day as millions mistakenly believe that the next global … Read more

Ooops … we got it wrong!

For about the past 10 years, we have been told by GPs and television marketing that we are not getting enough calcium from our diets and that we need to supplement.  Then the dairy industry decided to fortify milk  with calcium.  Most of the calcium used in over-the-counter supplements and food fortification is in the … Read more

The Greater Good

For those still struggling with the decision whether or not to vaccinate, please read / view the information at The Greater Good. Each individual  should have the right to make his/her own choice regarding vaccination and any such decision should be respected by others.  Being well informed is the key to making the decision that … Read more

Last doubts removed

For those who still believe that vaccinating is only the way to go, here is an article that explains how polio is actually being caused by vaccinating.  Furthermore, it explains the link between polio vaccines and cancer. I urge anyone contemplating getting vaccinated or with children to read all the research.  There is more evidence … Read more


Clemens von Pirquet defined allergy in 1906 as: an acquired, specific, altered capacity of the tissues of the body to react to given substances.  This means that our body is over-reacting to a substance that is normally safe. So what causes our body to over-react in this way?  In order for any allergy to develop, the body’s digestive … Read more