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It’s all in your head

Have you ever gone to the doctor seeking answers or relief from a range of symptoms only to be told it is all in your head?  You are not alone.  Dr Mercola has compiled very interesting data and video discussions regarding Lyme Disease. 

Australian authorities are still denying the existence of Lyme Disease in this country.  However, significant evidence exists that Lyme Disease is quite common in Australia.  Effective diagnosis is still very difficult, with many people still sending blood to the US for testing.  Unfortunately, blood is not an effective diagnostic tool given the nature of the Lyme Disease causing bacteria and the mechanisms they utilise to ‘hide’ from detection.  The mechanisms used to ‘hide’ from detection, also make medical treatment using antibiotics ineffective.

Further, vector-borne illnesses often involve concurrent bacterial and viral infections.  These microbes add to the mixed symptomology which further challenges traditional medical diagnosis.

Another myth is that Lyme Disease is only caused by a tick bite.  Other insects including mosquitoes and spiders can also spread these bacteria.  In addition, European studies have shown that the bacteria may also be transmitted via human body fluids. 

If you are experiencing a range of unpleasant symptoms and just know something is wrong, be sure to have these checked out.  Should you not receive support from your GP, perhaps natural therapies are an option.