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Krill -v- Fish Oil

The heavy marketing surrounding Krill oil has many people asking which is best:  Omega 3 fish oil or Krill? 

The components of Omega 3 oils that are particularly benefcial for our body are the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA.  To keep it very simple, EPA is required by the body to relieve inflammation as is often associated with arthritis, while DHA is needed for healthy nerve tissue, including brain function.  Fish oils should always be stored in the refrigerator so never purchase ones that are out on display.  Purity is also a very important consideration as is source.  I only recommend Nordic Naturals oils which are available from the clinic or good retail outlets.

The EPA and DHA levels in Krill oils are extremely low when compared to quality fish oils.  Research has shown that Krill oil may be beneficial in improving LDL:HDL cholesterol levels slightly while having no impact on relieving or reducing inflammation associated with arthritis. The report on Omega 3 oils provides more information about the difference between fish oil and krill oil. 

Another important consideration is the environmental impact of harvesting krill.  Krill is at the beginning of the marine food chain and decimating krill populations will have a direct affect on those animals relying on krill.  The harvesting of small arctic fish, as per Nordic Natural’s policy, is much more sustainable.