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Menopausal Relief: Eastern tradition meets clinical science

Image result for image of hot flushesMenopausal Hormone Therapy (MHT) is known to increase the risk of breast cancer, and is one of the most important modifiable risk factors.1 Many women seek out alternatives to MHT to help support them through this life phase, safely and effectively. Herbal medicine is a powerful modality, and along with nutrition and lifestyle modifications, can be used to ease many of the common symptoms associated with menopause. The documented use of some herbal medicines date back hundreds of years, providing long-term safety and efficacy assurance.

Some herbal remedies have been used successfully for more than 400 hundred years in Korea. Research on the unique, standardised, proprietary blend of these herbs has shown positive results for alleviating some of the most common menopausal symptoms, including:

  • hot flushes,
  • night sweats,
  • vaginal dryness,
  • insomnia,
  • fatigue,
  • mood changes,
  • problems with memory and concentration,
  • urinary incontinence,
  • joint and rheumatic pain and
  • formication (crawling sensation on the skin).

This century-old wisdom has now been clinically trialled in a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, evaluating 61 peri- and postmenopausal women aged 42-70; from White Hispanic, White non-Hispanic and African American backgrounds.2

After 12 weeks, results showed statistically significant improvements in the following 10 menopause related symptoms; vasomotor (hot flush or cold sweat), paraesthesia (numbness and tingling), insomnia, nervousness, vertigo, fatigue, rheumatic pain, melancholia, formication (sensation of crawling on the skin) and vaginal dryness, compared to placebo.  Similar results were seen in a 12 month prospective, randomised, double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trial, which included peri-menopausal Korean women (average age of 54).

Historical herbal medicine and modern scientific understanding combine to show how these herbs can relieve menopausal symptoms. Consult a qualified naturopath who has been trained in this area for natural relief without unwanted side effects.

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Research courtesy of:   Carey Hanna BHSc (Comp Med), Adv Dip (Nat), Dip (Nut)